A little more about LEARNING CLAN 

  for new comers

We invite you to join us on a journey that explores the boundless possibilities that emerge, when we embrace the power of shared wisdom and a community-driven explosion of creativity and knowledge.

Step into a realm where the vibrant pulse of human ingenuity converges with the timeless spirit of communal exchange.


Our gathering is an opportunity to be temporary custodians of a shared village in nature.


To live as self sufficiently as we can, on the land, to share meals under the stars with friends, and to remind us that we have the power to create, connect, and thrive.

A week of fun and play, of skill-sharing, and making new connections, networking what we do and expanding our inner resourcefulness.

A place where all ages feel safe and held by the community, free to explore and be our most authentic selves.

The focus of Learning Clan is to empower ourselves by learning the forgotten arts of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, reviving the essential skills that have been cast aside in the modern age,

We call for those who can share knowledge on homesteading skills,  natural health and healing, bushcrafts,  plant medicine,  healing with food, alternative economics,  survival skills, natural building, solar knowledge, home schooling, fire cooking, community living and thriving.

Each morning,  anyone can offer to share wisdom, and skills for a more empowered life.

Picture a landscape alive with activity as participants share and engage in a tapestry of hands-on workshops, informative talks and immersive experiences.

Each late afternoon, a 2 hour pop up trading market emerges.

We engage in the art of barter and exchange,  where goods and services find new life through shared appreciation, and the use of the community exchange system.

It becomes a co-created village using our own economy and resources.

A space where time, craft, preloved goods, services or skills becomes a treasure trove to be offered, and abundance blooms in the exchange of talents not money.

As the sun sets, casting a warm embrace over our spirited gathering, the Oak Circle comes alive
with the entrancing rhythm of the drums and the primal dance of freedom.


In the evenings, live music and performance offerings from the community are held at the Main Stage tent.


At The Sacred Fire, that burns throughout the gathering, a space is offered for medicine songs, meditations and mantras,  


And deep in the forest there is always a time for some slow-beat dancing grooves under the stars, or interesting conversations at a fireside you may find.

We revel in the power of collective energy and the simple joy of shared moments,  remembering that the most valuable riches are those found in connections and experiences, heartfelt conversations and random acts of kindness…

Learning Clan is committed to not only leaving no trace, but also achieving Zero Waste.

Every piece of plastic, glass, tin, paper, and compostable material finds its purpose or place in our circle of recycling.

As we tread lightly upon the Earth, we remind ourselves that our actions reverberate far beyond, leaving a legacy of responsible stewardship for future generations.


We aim to thrive with more self reliance, a deep connection to the earth and the forgotten powers of manifestation within.

We encourage the sharing of insights for these times, weaving a tapestry of traditional wisdom and innovative approaches, embracing the ways of the past while infusing our creativity and modern understanding.


Learning Clan beckons you to dive in and immerse yourself in a journey of empowerment, resilience, and the joy of giving.

It’s about rekindling the flame of knowledge that burns within us all, and uniting as communities to gain strength and support in these times and honour the traditions of old while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future.