Due to the limited number of tickets allowed, there are no volunteer tickets this year.   However, since there are many daily tasks that need doing. we may call for volunteers to help us and offer Talents in exchange for work done.

,Daily Tasks

1. River watch – keeping an eye on kids in the water (claim a shift)

2. Nightly Security patrols – ensuring all is well, fire safety
     (claim a shift)

3. Wood collection – for the shower boiler and fire pits

4. Recycling – help at the lively waste management depot

5. Ablution checks – loo paper, incense, candles, keeping tidy.

6. Sweeping the pathways, checking for things that might stub a toe, clearing acorns from the dance floors

7. Checking for matter out of place, burying dog poo
     (dog owners daily task)

8. Help with improving decor or lighting or signage. Adding beauty.

9. Helping with the compost pits, water drainage,

11. Help with improving decor, lighting, signage. Adding beauty

Hellping to keep our landfill rubbish to an absolute minimum.
Filling ecobricks at the Recycling Station, sorting clean recycling. Everyone brings their cleaned recycling to the depot.  That’s how we roll.