Children are an integral part of the Learning Clan

The venue is a safe place for them to run around with friends and they can easily find their way back to your camp.

We are asking for a team of friends to manage the young kids tent and another to help the teens create their own shelter.

We invite the community to offer learning activities for youngsters that they wouldn’t be exposed to at school

Ideas for Kids

Art and crafts, gardening, environmental or nature experiences, kid’s yoga and meditation, movement and dance, singing, dress-up, storytelling, games, construction, talent shows, or anything empowering, educational and fun.


All ages have fun at Learning Clan so bring the whole family.  Some teens think its cool to hive off with their buddies and drink acohol. Please let them know this is a no alcohol event. 

Anyone who can add to the  activities for teens, let us know.  

 Earning Talents

The Teens should also think of ways to earn Talents for their own account. Then they can have Talents to spend on things they want to do or have or eat, and it educates them about the power of their innate wealth.

Ideas: Make and sell pancakes, offer to take people’s recycling to the depot, make crafts, perhaps out of natural materials, make fly traps out of recycling, and sell them at the market, face painting or temporary tatoos.

The list is as wide as your imagination, bearing in mind the ethos of the gathering.


Activity Board


There will be space on the main Activity Boards for the Kids and Teens and anyone can offer an activity in the different time slots.

We envision a get-together time each morning so the kids can get to know each other and decide what to do.

Let us know what you would like to contribute and we’ll post it on the  Contributions Page.


Co-creating cosy spaces

Any contributions of things such as cushions, blankets, carpets, little tables, bunting, crayons, scrap paper, blackboards and colourful fabric etc. would be great to make a happy space to learn and play.


We’d like to ensure the younger kids are well looked after so please be responsible for your child at all times. Make sure that your agreement, made with another Clan member, to take care of your child is clear and that the exchange is communicated.

Kids and teens should also be very conscious of noise levels and respect people’s space and belongings. Kindness, helpfulness, and consideration for others all makes for a smooth flowing happy village.  No smoking and definitely no drinking for under 18’s.

Feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.