How we roll

 We are now a micronation of small villages, learning to live in community and providing a service to the clan


The 2020 theme is exploring decentralised, self sufficient communities, 

We call on those who can offer talks or workshops on maximising self reliance, resilience and preparing for unexpected events. Natural building, ancient crafts, off-grid power options, food growing skills, seed saving, medicinal plants, natural healing, etc. 

Each village will offer a venue space and specialise in a field of interest

The idea is to practice living in community, sharing resources, preparing meals together, taking care of waste responsibly, looking after kids and co creating a venue to offer talks /workshops or invite experts to hold talks in your venue covering certain topics 
See ideas for Participating

We trade with each other without money or banks

We gift, we share, we swap and we use the well established Community Exchange System also know as the Talent Exchange. You can earn ‘Talents‘ by offering something at the Festival and then use them to buy the offerings of others.

We have a pop-up market at the end of each day

The market is a great way to connect with each other and helps to boost a sustainable village economy… anything you want to offer for Talents, (not money)  bring it along. …. clothes, crafts, food, veggies, snacks, tea, music, performance, etc  (think natural, handmade, organic, minimal packaging, up-cycled, etc)

We unplug from eskom and plug into the sun

Going off-grid is a great opportunity to think of creative ways to generate power: how to light up your camp, cook food, charge your cell phone.

   We share cooking with our village, or offer meals for trade

The challenge is finding off-grid ways of keeping food fresh, and discovering what you would need to live in the wilderness for a week.  There are no food vendors selling food or drinks for cash.    We bring our own bowl and fork when getting meals from others, minimising waste.

We love music and we love silence

Although we embrace many forms of musical expression, we love the forest sounds too.  We gather for drumming and dancing at the end of each day. The Live stage is available for performances in the early evenings and Dj’s can play in the Dance Zone from 7pm – midnight, thereafter unplugged gentle acoustics around the firesides are fine. The days are full and sleep is welcome.   

We honour the earth that nurtures and provides

A sacred fire is lit in ceremony at the start of the festival and tended throughout the week by a firekeeper.
We respect the natural surroundings and take care to do no harm

We aim for no impact and zero waste

      Each village camp must take meticulous care to separate and wash all waste matter and bring it to the recycling station. We have our own waste center for the village. The idea is to turn most of our waste into something useful again. From composting, to building with bottles, or ecobricks, the last thing we want is to be a wasteful festival sending mixed trash to landfill.  

We swim, play, dance, sing, laugh and relax

It’s not all hard work and focus. The Clan has many wonderful musicians, singers, performers, drummers and dj’s, so there is always something to entertain or get dancing to. Anyone can add to the mix with games or theatre or fire dancing etc.  

Who should come?  

SInce our numbers are limited to 500, the idea this time is to focus on those who are interested in making a move from the city and establishing a homestead in the country, or looking for eco-village options or already live out of town and want to maximise  self suffciency or have a wealth of information to share. .  It’s also for those who want to practice living in community and talk about getting prepared for any sudden eventualities. 

The daily buzz

  • 7am :  usually a yoga or meditation option is offered near the river or in the forest
  • 10am – 12pm :  Each village offers a 2 hour activity, talk, workshop, some would be for kids
  • 12-2pm: Lunchtime,chilltime and Community time – Everyone offers service to their village in some way. Bring your recycling to the lively, informative and friendly depot, do village chores, check out what’s on offer for the day on the info boards, take a dip inthe river
  • 2pm-4pm :   Another workshop, talk or activity in the village venues 
  • 4pm-6pm :  pop up market under the trees with the Live music stage nearby  – anyone can bring items or services to trade for talents.
  • 5.30pm   The Learning Clan Drumming and dancing sunset therapy…  and a few announcements.
  • 7pm-midnight :  evening activites offered by some villages.
  •  thereafter….  fireside acoustic sessions, storytelling, forest sounds, blissful silence

Solstice – December 21st

A sacred ceremony honouring the Sun’s role in our existence, giving thanks for all it brings, the changing of the seasons, honouring the life-giving force of the Sun. This is the true end of the year, when the Sun pauses, and a new cycle begins.

So that’s the lowdown.
Check out the Ideas for participating, and get familiar with the Talent Exchange

The idea is to remember how to live on the land in Community, how to trade with each other without money and share knowledge and skills .
And have the best year-end holiday with friends, old and new while setting our intentions as the Sun heads back to the north.