Why Talents are a good alternative to money and cryptocurrencies

Although it seems as if Talents are money, as they are pegged at the same value as Rands – they most definitely are not. Talents don’t exist – they simply measure.

The problem with money is that it exists, and so was created. The creator, by changing interest rates, controls the supply and demand, and therefore the price of it. This is usurious at every level, especially knowing that banks lend money they do not even have, which did not even exist before they lent it, and, especially knowing that we do not even need money to be able to trade with each other.

Bitcoin and other altcoins are an alternative form of money and are indeed a fantastic way to decentralise our means of exchange and have peer-to-peer transactions. But their value fluctuation is still out of our control and you need money to acquire them. They are still a thing that can be speculated upon, lost, or even stolen.

As there is no quantity of Talents (in the same way that there is no quantity of kilograms), they were not created, so therefore no one can control the supply and demand and make money from interest and speculation.

Using Talents to measure our exchanges means that there is no basis for unhealthy relationships. No-one can rip us off by charging interest on a Talent, or depreciating it or even stealing it. Talents only exist virtually as a measure of what you owe or are owed by your community.

The Talent Exchange is a brilliant way of totally avoiding all the controls and costs to which money is subjected.