Performance Tickets

 We are a talented self-entertaining Clan, so If you’re a musician or performer, feel free to book a slot on the Main stage once you arrive, chat with Marco.

If there are any DJs keen to play, you can reserve the dance area for a set, but here’s the deal: we’re a bit picky about the tunes. No Psytrance or monotonous techno, please. We’re all about that slow groove, organic beats, melodic vibes, tribal rhythms, ethno deep house …that kind of thing.

Just so you know, we don’t hire performers or DJs. We’d rather let our fantastic community shine by sharing their talents with us. And performers, if you want to collect some Talent donations from the crowd, go right ahead!

If you’ve got an awesome act to share , but you need a hand with the ticket price, send us an email at, and we might be able to hook you up with a discount. 🎶✨