2019 Offerings…so far

  • Anyone can contribute to our Learning Village.
  • We share knowledge, skills, ideas, offer services, products, crafts, or entertainment….. anything that empowers us.
  • An “Open-Space” board has the venues and times and you can choose an available space to place your offering.
  • All slots start on the hour and are 50 minutes long giving ten minutes to move to another activity.
  • To ensure all offerings are in line with our values, please let us know beforehand what you plan to offer.


  • If you know what you’d like to offer, let us know, we will place them here, so people can look out for your workshop/talk etc..  Email angie@learningclan.net


    • How to build a rocket stove – Tristan Nebe and friends
    • Water as a fuel source – Simon Hazell
    • Re-Source workshop – Turning Trash into Treasure – Candice and Matt Baker
    • The golden rules of putting together DIY solar energy systems – David Pittaway
    • Urban Veggie Gardens – Johan Gardener
    • Designing and implementing a regenerative, future food forest on degraded land with little water – Kate Curtis
    • A talk on Natural Building. Rammed earth, hemp, cob, rock, timber, tyres – Regardt Kenny
    • Permaculture design, water management, soil love – Phillipa Mallac
    • Composting, plant systems, veggie gardens, food forests – Phillipa Mallac
    • Shelter belts, compost loos, bee keeping – Phillipa Mallac
    • A Talk on soil prep, companions, pest control, crop rotation, pollination, composting – Carlos Ruiz Sebastian
    • Food preservation – Olive preparation and preservation, – Guava preserves and jam – Carlos Ruiz Sebastian
    • Vegetable bag farming – Margueritte Reed
    • Yogurt making and preserving fruit & veg / growing from seed/seedlings – Elke de Houst
    • Foraging for medicinal plants – Jess Tyrell
    • Growing medicinal plants and how to turn them into salves and tinctures  – Jess Tyrell




  • Knife sharpening – Simon Hazel
  • Leather work – Simon Hazel
  • Handy knots to know – Rod Tritton


  • All about the Talent Exchange – Tim Jenkin (founder)
  • The Problem with Money – Tim Jenkin
  • Traveling Africa on a budget, how much do you need? Two years and going… – Martijn van der Put

  • Homeschooling – Zoe Mazula
  • Abundance through minimalism – Martijn van der Put

  • Spiritual and single – what now? – Martijn van der Put

  • How to green your home – Danielle Klaff
  • How to build healthy communities – The Work that Reconnects – Charmaine Treherne
  • Changing mindsets – what can I offer versus how much do I have to pay? A personal example -Martijn van der Put
  • How safe is 5G and why we need to voice our concerns now – Panel discussion
  • Exploring 3 sides of the climate debate towards understanding future action to take – Panel discussion
  • Minimilist Mama’s- living a great minimalistic but sustainable and healthy life with kids  – Maxine Bingley
  • Fermentation workshop: Learn why and how to ferment veg – practical hands on Kimchi demo – Nic McLean



  • How safe is 5G and why we need to voice concerns now 
  • Exploring 3 sides of the climate debate towards understanding future action to take 
  • Vaccines – pros, cons and experiences
  • What on Earth is going on? Could being more curious and open minded, be the answer to bridging the divide of polarisation we see in the world today?
  • The creation of a permanent eco-village Learning Community  in South Africa


  • Sacred Fire – Jay, Lotta and friends of the Red Path
  • Singing Circles – Ashleigh Forest
  • Medicine Songs – MattKat


  • Sweat Lodge  –  Guy Goode, Nixi,
  • Sacred Fire for the duration of the event – Red Path
  • Prayer for peace – Ronelle and Lynn


Facilitation of the Red Tent –  Valentina Leo – Mrs Love

  • Skydancing
  • Workshop on Menstruation
  • Yoni Puja
  • Tantra for women
  • The Vagina Monologues


Creation and facilitation of the man Cave – Craig Peacock and Darren Phoenix

  • Tantra and Self Mastery for Men –  Zendrik
  • Masculine Intuition – how to connect to all your sources of wisdom, body, heart,mind and spirit, – Carlos Ruiz Sabastian



Creation and facilitation of the Heartspace – Barbra Cowley

  • Silent Connection – Connect with others through eye contact and body language – Anouk Vos
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Physical and emotional detoxing – Zendrik
  • Reiki Workshop – Rene Jurgens
  • SomaSensing healing through movement therapy – Nic McLean
  • Holistic healing via consulting as a facilitator in Psych-K therapy for reprogramming and balancing life goals –Nicolette Burgess


  • The Yoga of Holistic Health: 3 Keys to healing your gut and shaping your Life – Nic McLean
  • The Healing Circle – Therapeutic Drumming – Metka Zurman
  • Food as our medicine, healing through natural modalities and common sense using nature’s abundant medical provisions – Maxine Bingly


  • Kahuna Massage – Lotta Nilsson
  • Massage – Rene Jurgens
  • Deep Tissue and Chi Nei Tsang Massage – Anya Rowley
  • Massage – Barbra Cowley


  • Chakra activation meditation with Liberation drops – Steve Bartlo
  • Heal Yourself with Sound & Vocal Toning Workshop & Sound Journey- Fiona Hare
  • Singing Bowl Relaxation – Sharyn Timcoe


  • Hatha and Pranayama Yoga – Tarien Roux
  • BodySensing somatic intuitive yoga – Nic McLean
  • Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on the mind body connection – Olivia Krouwkam
  • Laughter Yoga – Nicolete Burgess
  • Pilates sessions in the morning, around 8am – Claudia Micelli



  • Rife Resonator – electro magnetic analyisis and healing – Andrea Adelbert
  • Life Coaching, Stress and Trauma Release – Metka Zurman


  • Wast-ed Recycling Resource Centre – Candice and Matt Baker
  • Kitchen space for hire – Tim Ellis and friends
  • Massage space for hire – Tim Ellis
  • Health Support – Marga and Pieter
  • Talent Exchange Info Desk – Tim Jenkin
  • Speakers Cornerhave a rant, sing a song, share a poem, a joke or story – Stephen Praetorius
  • Games Tent- 15 different board games as well as iChing coin reading, Taro card reading or Soul message card reading – Nicolette Burgess
  • Compost Toilet – Ruth Ehrhardt


  • Sound journey/dance/guided meditation – original tracks with live Ng’oni flutes and hang drum  – Zendrik
  • Inner Dance (Group Sessions) – Leigh Goodman


  • Natural dyeing, eco-printing and hand stitching workshop – Ira Bekker
  • Pottery Workshop – Marisa du Toit
  • Murals – Sonette Flynn


  • Liza Moondancer – fire poi



  • Chill area, music spot, jam space
  • Discussion topics requested by Teens – Karen Allen
  • Initiation Workshops – Karen Allen
  • Expressive Movement (embodiment focused movement meditation) Irma Wilson
  • Board Games Zone
  • Music performance techniques – Jamie Jupiter



    • Disco Night for tweens – Danielle Klaff
    • Board games zone
    • For parents of 2-12year olds – a great storytelling/acting technique – Zoe Mazula


Anyone can sell anything useful for Talents, just bring your trade blanket or a string to hang your wares in the trees. NO alcohol to be sold, but home made craft brews are ok. Think minimal packaging, healthy, organic, recycled, handy, wholesome,any crafts – e.g not just the junk you want to get rid of at home


  •  Tanith‘s Off-grid Kitchen – A Pre-paid meal service is offered for those who dont have the means to cook for themselves tanithchristie@gmail.com
  • Tim Ellis will be offering an equipped kitchen space to hire for Talents if you want to prepare a meal to sell for talents
  • Chad Cupido will be offering vegan meals, superfoods, cacao and healthy snacks for talents



  • Sunset drumming /dancing / community check in – bring your drums and shakers, and be sure to keep in time with the beat!!


  • Colourfields – Ash and Kerstie Reid
  • Zoe and Vusa Mazula
  • The Rif Rafs
  • Jamie Jupiter
  • Crallan Ray Vega
  • Nur Felix 
  • MattKat
  • Meri Kanaz
  • Fiona Hare
  • Ela Jacobs
  • Khoi Boy
  • Yasmin Aura of Moths
  • Nate Maingard
  • Keshia


  •  Jo Corrigal
  • Ash Tritton
  • Jan Lohfeldt
  • Damian de Paul
  • Dai Heyne
  • Moog Mushroom
  • Mike and Tris

 As we have many offerings, you can book one slot on the board in the available venues. You are welcome to create your own venue too.

Let us know if you plan to offer something, so we can add it to the list above.