What’s on !
Contributions so far, at Learning Clan 2018

The idea is to participate in some way. We share knowledge, skills, ideas, offer services, products, crafts, or entertainment….. anything that empowers us. 

An Open Space Board has the venues and times and you can choose an available space to place your offering.
All slots are 50 minutes,  on the hour.

As we receive your offerings, we will place them here, so people can see what’s on !  Email angie@learningclan.net



  • Building a compost heated water system and shower – Simon Hazel
  • How to build a rocket stove – Tristan Nebe and friends
  • Re-Source workshop – Trash to Treasure – Candice and Matt Baker
  • Everything you wanted to know about small scale solar energy installations – David Pittaway
  • How to apply permaculture ethics, principles and design to anything from a patio to your livelihood – Emma Hay
  • How to construct a very effective Tree Fridge,  How to keep warm with only a little wood and coal, How to construct a flood proof trench so that the dwelling is protected — Andie and Andy
  • How to use water for fuel ! – Simon Hazel
  • Solar Water distillation – Simon Hazel
  • An introduction to Permaculture – Bruce and Kayla  ( the off-grid pear)
  • How to build a cob oven – Aran Jenkin-Hewland
  • Eathworm Composting – Bernie  James



  • Knife sharpening – Simon Hazel
  • Leather work – Simon Hazel
  • Handy knots to know – Rod Tritton


  • Edible wild food:  easy-to-access common weeds and herbs for health and wellness and vitality – Emma Hay
  • Herbal remedies made easy – alternatives to “big pharma” for everyday ailments – Jess Tyrell
  • Wild Plant Medicine making workshops – Medicinal tinctures and Salves – Jess Tyrell
  • Learn energy tools of the Inka to revitalise your life – Debra Delglyn


  • Star Gazing/ UFO Sighting – Iris-Moon Trombas
  • Participatory daytime music workshops (guitar, violin, electronics) – John Bartman
  • Peaceful UFO Contact  – Ashley Epstein
  • Sacred Touch – Craig Peacock Edwards
  • Sophia Code Cosmology Initations – Sonette Son
  • Shibari/Kinbaco workshops and one-on-one sessions – Gerhard Marais
  • What’s your values language? – Uncover your Super Values & effectively communicate them – Paul Waldeck
  • Speak to be heard – short workshop for activists, movers and shakers with TEDx coach  –  Elana Azrai 
  • Drumming Workshop for beginners – Lisa and Anton


  • Creation and facilitation of the Heartspace – Barbra Cowley
  • Breathwork – Nunaisi Ma and Ofer Lemel
  • Reiki & Intuitive healing sessions – Iris-Moon Trombas
  • Nourishing Circle for body and soul – Annika Lipp
  • Tarot Inspired Reiki – Sarah Rice
  • Soulsound harmonics for healing and transformation – Ayala Katz
  • Mindfulness & Transformation circle – Ashley Epstein
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) group session – Malvina Bartmanski
  • Rest in Natural Great Peace: how to switch off and tune in – Debra Delglyn
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Physical and emotional detoxing – Zendrik
  • A group “listening circle” for people who feel stuck and unable to move forward – Bodhi McInroy


  • Creation and Facilitation of the Red Tent – Kali Widd and Nunaisa Ma
  • Wisdom of the Crone, Love of the Grandmothers – Debra Delglyn
  • Phases/archetypes of the menstrual cycle based on the work of Miranda Gray – Sonette Flynn
  • Feminine embodiment – Kirsten Wagner



  • Creation and facilitation of the man Cave – Justin Friedman and Raeven Brough
  • Chivalry & The Beast – Tantra and self Mastery for Men –  Zendrik and Kali
  • Learn Cosmoform Sequence – Paul Waldeck
  • Butterfly Man –  about being a man in the world sparking intimate conversations about masculinity, femininity, intimacy, sexuality and  more – Bodhi McInroy



  • OSHO Active mediation session – Prasada D Munch
  • Daily sessions of shamatha-vipassana (tranquility & insight) meditation tuition and practice – Patrick Madden
  • Talk/s, demonstration/s and group discussion/s around the topic of “O.M. – Orgasmic Meditation” – Alexander Polson
  • Chakra activation meditation with Liberation drops – Steve Bartlo



  • Basket Weaving – Carlos Francisco
  • Yoga – Elin Duby
  • Accoustic Sessions – Sam Duby and Andy Jamieson
  • Movies – Sam Duby
  • Activities for Kids – Nadia Sitas
  • Dance – Diana Betancourt
  • Permaculture Talk – Andy Jamieson
  • Eco – Glitter and Party make up – Julia Grey



  • Creation and Facilitation of the Craft Zone – Suzan McCreadie
  • Painting and working with clay – Cheryl Traub-Adler
  • Bridging Polarities through ART. – Cheryl Traub-Adler
  • Nature Art workshop (tuning in to make ephemeral installations with materials all around you) – Janet Ranson
  • Drawing with plant inks –  Janet Ranson
  • Photographic Exhibition: images of spiritual leaders Ninawa Pai da Mata, during their 2018 tour in South Africa – Gary van Wyk


  • Creating an Intentional Community in the Western Cape – Ecovillage Collective
  • What the mushroom teaches us? – Brigitte Heeb
  • What on Earth is Going on? – Group discussion
  • UFO’s and The evolution of Humankind (Talk/Discussion) – Ashley Epstein
  • Panel Discussion: Blockchain and Crypto – Liza Harrison


  • Talk Zone failitator – Liza Harrison
  • Cape Coastal Landscapes and the Cognitive Revolution – Alistair Potts
  • Emotional Detoxing – Zendrik
  • Implications of eating GM Food – Carolyn Howell
  • All about the Talent Exchange – Tim Jenkin (founder)
  • How to green your home – Danielle Klaff
  • Ancient civilization and the secret story of stone circles and Adams calendar sacred site – Andrea Adelbert
  • Blockchain Technology – John Bartman
  • Philosophy, contemporary ethics, metaphysics and more  – Ronald Oats
  • Cellular detoxification, Fasting & Light body nutrition – Gabrielle Alberts
  • From ADHD to X-men  – Evolution and neuro diversity – Liesl Haasbroek
  • The four Temperaments: Creating a compass to help navigate around the human. – Alistair Berg
  • How to use entheogenic plant medicines to overcome depression and change your life – Elana Azrai 



  • Photography and Videography tips – Roy Zetisky
  • Test your blood pressure – Yvandi Lubbe
  • Transpersonal numerology- Malvina Bartmanski
  • Rife Resonator – electro magnetic analyisis – Andrea Adelbert


  • Clan Survivor – challenges and adventures for Tweens –  Nina, Craig and the PE Crew
  • Little Kids Zone facilitator – Claire Maud
  • Philisophical discussions – Ron Oats
  • Creation of a Teen Chill Zone – Haydee Breedt and all the Teens
  • Exploring earth skills & connections with Nature – Karen Allen and team
  • Clay Workshop – Eleen Polson
  • Disco Night – Danielle Klaff
  • Initiation Workshops – Karen Allen
  • Discussion Topics requested by Teens – Karen Allen
  • Dance Workshops – Zia and Michaela Kingwill-Cloete
  • Kids skills and games based on Cubs/Scouts curriculum – Lisa Davison


  • Deeper BlissDance Journey – Connecting with the Elementals & Ancestors & All that You Are – Kali Widd
  • Sound journey/dance/guided meditation – original tracks with live Ng’oni flutes and hang drum  – Zendrik
  • Inner Dance (Group Sessions) – Leigh Goodman


  • Yoga Zone Facilitators – Lisa Fisher and Hanna Maria
  • Expressive Movement – Irma Wilson
  • Magical Passes, Tensegrity – Daniel Hoffinger
  • Hatha Yoga – Christine Bayly
  • Partner Yoga and Yin Yoga – Dominique Rowberry 
  • Medicine Qi Gong – energise primary organ centres – Paul Waldeck
  • Morning Nia Groove with Cacao – Lisa Davison


  • Sweat Lodge –  Gerri, Simone, Jutta
  • Sacred Fire for the duration of the event – Red Path
  • Prayer for peace – Ronelle and Lynn


  • Sacred Fire – Jay, Lotta and friends of the Red Path
  • Song Circle – Ashleigh Forest
  • Huni Kuin Song Sharing – David and Tanya


  • Abdominal massage therapy – Chi Nei Tsang – Zendrik
  • Loving Touch Massage – Annika Lipp
  • Auricular acupuncture – Malvina Bartmanski
  • Kahuna Massage – Lotta Nilsson
  • Trauma Release Exercises – Eleen Polson
  • Thai massage techinques and treatments – Delphine d’Hoop
  • Body alignment and energy clearing  – Debra Delglyn
  • Holistic massage and Indian head massage – Kirsten Wagner
  • Kahuna Massage – Alexander Polson
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Anya Rowley
  • Energy bodywork sessions – Leigh Goodman
  • Antaneea Massage with high vibrational oils and chakra toning   – Lisa Davison
  • Access Bars Therapy – Lisa Davison
  • Lymph Drainage Massage – Lisa Davison
  • Jivamukti Yoga classes which combines sound, massage, yoga scriptures, asana and meditation – Bodhi McInroy


  • Wast-ed Recycling Resource Centre – Candice and Matt Baker
  • Kitchen space for hire – Tim Ellis and friends
  • Massage space for hire – Tim Ellis
  • Camping Tents for Hire – Tim Ellis
  • Craft making space – Susan McCreadie
  • Health Support – Delene Van Dyk and Catherine Williams
  • Talent Exchange Info Desk – Tim Jenkin
  • Talent Sheets – Susan McCreadie
  • Volunteering – Iris Moon Trombas



  • Songs, Poetry and intuition – intimate and eclectic performances by singer-song writers and poets – Naren Sewpaul
  • Fire Dancing – Selah & Jeyska


  • Jan Lohfeldt
  • Kali Satyagraha Widd
  • Jo Corrigal
  • Dai Heyne
  • Ash Tritton
  • Harry Boden
  • John Bartman
  • Jeanne Dee
  • Michael Phaal


  • Jamie Jupiter
  • Joel Elliot and the Roots Grown Deep Brothers
  • Colorfields Duo – Ash and Kerstie Read
  • Zendrik
  • Nur Felix 
  • Crallan Ray Vega and friends ~ the Hummingbird Concerts
  • Ronald Oats – 21st Century Shamxn
  • Accoustic Sessions – Sam Duby and Andy Jamieson
  • Ben & Bro



  • Sunset drumming /dancing / community check in – bring your drums!


    • Anyone can sell anything for Talents, just bring your trade blanket or a string to hang your wares in the trees.



As we have many offerings, you can book one slot on the board in the available venues. You are welcome to create your own venue too.

Let us know if you plan to offer something, so we can add it to the list above.