2015 Contributions

Below were just some of the offerings at the 2015 event, many more arose spontaneously.



– How to build a compost-heated water system – Simon Hazell
– How to build an ultra-capacitor out of natural materials – David Gwynn-Jones
How to build a yurt – Shine Murphy
Using microbes to build soil and human health – Lawrence Quolloi
Useful Knotting – Rod Tritton
Composting, worm farms, building soil, growing veggies – Nikki Upton
Building using natural materials – Allan Cameron
How to build a Pizza oven  – Allan Cameron
Dowsing – Mark Wellens


Engaging the spirit of dance – Mike Aldridge
– The Work that reconnects – Charmaine Treherne
Rebirthing Group Session – Julan Briant
Matrix Worx- quantum healing  – Anna Maria Hagen


– Beyond sustainability: Embracing deep sovereignty to forge resilient human networks – Lawrence Quolloi
– How to use the Talent Exchange – Tim Jenkins (CES founder)
– Common law, banking tyranny, micronations,  – Jan Lohfeldt, BT, Justin Maxwell
– The Republic of Good Hope – Brendan John
The Transition Town movement – Samantha Rose
Sacred economy: The re-emergence of the collaborative commons and peer production as a viable economical model – Lawrence Quolloi
International Tribunal for Natural Justice, (unified common law) Grand Jury – Jan Lohfeldt, Brother Thomas, Justin Maxwell
Life Alignment – Mark Wellens


How to convert your chlorinated pool into a natural eco pool – Craig McGahey
Revolutionary Roads  – Rod Tritton
 Walking into Wholeness: creating enviro-pilgrimages in the area – Ayala Katz
– How to green your home – Danielle Klaff
Revolutionary Software for documenting Plants and Animals – David Gwynn-Evans
Maintaining privacy on the Internet – Paul Meinhold
How to deal with challenges in relationships  – Giulia and Gav
Conduism and Channeling with  Iboga  – Chris Walker
Demystifying the Permaculture Design Process – Ezio Gori
Mer~Dragon Empowerment Community – Karen Allen
The importance of bacteria in our bodies and how to make fermented food – Jill McKay
Using nutrition for stabilising emotions and raising vibration – Sarah Ryan
How to make homemade natto and tofu  –  Graeme  Copley
How do Conscious People Talk to each other – Bryan Madonald


– Legalities of eco-villages and co-op communities
– Home schooling,  unschooling, free learning  Oriah and Samantha Rose
– Discussion on  living off grid and setting up a homestead – Shine Muphy
Resolving conflict in communities – Village Peacekeeping committee


– The Heart Space –  meditation, healing, artwork, women’s time (Barbra Cowley)
Pachamama  – Temazcal: a purification sweat lodge ritual (Nixiwaka and Txarani)
Space of Love – family friendly space inspired by Anastasia  (Mark, Sarah, Ashley)
– Common Sense – common law discussion tent (Brother Thomas, Jan Lohfeldt)
The Community Exchange    how the talent-exchange works (Tim Jenkins)
Elke’s Kitchen – Elke de Houst
– Pancakes – Nina Mac Donough


– Earthbeat percussion sessions –  Sunset drumming in the Circle of Dreams
– Flipside Dance Zone: DJ’s: Jan, Daniel, Mikey, Kali, Mikey, Dani, Niku, Daniel,
– Musicians :  Zenn Viljoen, Nur Felix, Quinton Song, Joel Elliot, Shamanzi
– Fire dancers:   Duncan, Gizella, Lisa
– Open mic/ say it if you love it/ have a friggin’ rant corner – Stephen Praetorius
– Five Rhythms Dance Set – Mark Wellens
– Accoustic music jams on the stage


Drum repair services – Grant Rahme
Mini gym / relaxation station for bodywork – Leslay Rahme
Zula Lounge breakfast bar – Merissa Lebetkin and friends
– Tunnel of Love – Relationships and Communication Giulia Criscuolo & Gav Luck
Urban Farm Girleco friendly  firelighters, soap, organic seeds – Suzan McCreadie
Kirtan  –  Call and response chanting from India –  Michael  Martin


 Local aromatherapy oils and their uses – Cate Erlank
Meditation for Vipassana practitioners – Misty Mountaindreamer
The Love Code: Relieve suffering with words–  Ivan Copeland
Fooling workshop, discovering your inner fool – Carolyn Howell
Quantum Touch hands on healing workshop – Ayala Katz
Vocal soul sound harmonic healing and meditations – Ayala Katz
Reflexology and Massage – Liza Karp
Life Coaching – Giulia Criscuolo
Astrology  Numerology Readings – Gav Luck
Brain Gym – Aurelie Lumiere


– Hatha yoga – Sophia Faria
– Integrated movement – Leslay Rahme
– Tai chi – Chris Karola
Biodanza – Alan Hughes
Dance Yoga – Lisa Fisher
Partner Yoga – Samantha Rose and Shine Murphy
Stretching Body Awareness Yoga – Misty Mountaindreamer
The Tibetan Rites – Liza Karp
 – Connecting with the elements through Dance – Nomvula  Greeninglady
– Souldance – Balu Nivison


– Botanical Walk -Deepening Your  Connection with Nature – David Gwynn-Evans
Basic Botany  – Exploring the local Environment – David Gwynn-Evans