The idea is to participate in some way at the Festival.  The community co-creates the content.
No pressure though, attending the offerings of others is also participation.

Let us know if you plan to offer something, so we can add it to the list.

Nothing is scheduled beforehand, at the Festival, an Open Space Board will have the venues and times and you can choose an available space to place your offering.

2018 Contributions so far…

2017 Contributions 

2016 Contributions

2015 Contributions


A Literal Talent Exchange

In the spirit of Community we encourage you to bring your skill or passion or knowledge to share with the Clan. You can gift it, or use the Talent Exchange and allow people to reward you in whatever way they can (instead of ‘charging’ your usual rate or a high fee in Talents.)

There will be much on offer so to make it affordable, be generous with your knowledge and where you receive value, reward in Talents.

If you are promoting a high value item, you can agree to sell it in cash when you get back to the default world, but no money at all at the Gathering please.

Transactions can be recorded on your Talent Sheet (which you will receive when you arrive) for later entry onto your online account or they can be done via smartphone instantly at the venue, using the mobi site at  (3G connection is a little intermittent however).

Don’t feel under pressure to offer anything – you are welcome to bring just your curiosity to learn, and your community spirit !