2020 Theme Camps and other Offerings


Guy Goode will be holding a Sweat Lodge space for daily sweats near the River again. Get in touch with him if any others would like to hold sweats.



Nikki Jackman and Torsten Kremser and clan will be offering a wonderful new space for Performance and Eductional Theatre, visual art and a workshop space. They are also offering Headsets for Learning Clan’s very own Secret Sunrise or Late Night guided dance sets !



A nurturing and creative space where children can come to express themselves and explore their inner colours, through a wide variety of activities. We will work in shifts so that there is always someone to hold space for the them and we will open the space so others can come and share their offerings with the children. Organised by Jenna Cohen and friends.



A story-telling fire space – in the evening we will have a large fire and circles (with hot cocoa) around it for story-telling. During the day we will have an art-making space, offering print-making and silk screening workshops, collage (build your own tarot/Jungian processes) as well as shadow puppet workshops. Perhaps some Theatre, and performance, A family friendly space to enter mythic time and fable our way into knowing the world and ourselves better and to restore, recreate and support the oral tradition of story-telling as well as to wake up the aesthetic sensibilities of people, and realise that we are all story-tellers.


This camp has offered to paint the row of toilets near the entrance in bright popping colours to enhance our ablution experience. Always leave things better than when you found them ! A great motto for life. They are open to others joining their camp. Organised by the Schoof family


will be a village of several families, offered by Rein Buyse and Ingrid and will focus on Nature Connection, Earth skills and Bush Craft. They will offer classes for adults and children.


is open for anyone to offer skills, talks, demonstrations, or services Permaculture know-how, soil rejuvenation, urban food growing tips, natural building demos, ancient crafts, survival skills, prepping, food preserving, foraging, fire starting, any practical skills or information about increasing our resilience and self sufficiency. People wishing to offer these skills, contact Angie to get on the 500 list. You can camp alone or with your group.



A small village initiated by psychologists Abraham Le Roux and Tertius Jan- Arend who will be offering Card readings with insight on a personal and collective level in approaching the way ahead. They are open for others in this field to join them.



Candice and Matt will be heading up a waste education camp and are offering help to each village to recycle their waste responsibly. This is, as always, a leave no trace event, aiming for zero waste to landfill. They are open to others wishing to join their camp. Or camp alone and help out.



Tim Jenkin, the founder of the Talent Exchange and Claudia Miceli, the administrator of the Cape Town Talent Exchange, will offer information on using the Talent Exchange to empower yourself and informative talks on the problems with money and why we need to have alternative economies. They are open to other people who use the Exchange regularly to join them and be available to assist newcomers.



A community of land artists who will create a quiet area where talks can be held. It will cater to those willing to participate and learn about land art as well as to attend talks and sharing of knowledge. The space will be especially quiet from an EMF point of view as well so no electronic presentations will be used in this space. Organised by Joffrey.


will focus on health and healing – food as medicine – They will offer workshops on fermented foods, medicinal mushrooms, fasting, and offer integrated bodywork. Organised by Sandy and Michael Adams and friends.


An indigenous culture camp offering knowledge on bush survival skills, connection to the land, music, cooking and medicinal traditions.


Families collaborating to camp together, bring food and share cooking. They will offer song circles and sacred ceremony to honour the land and the elements and to hold the vision of a better world. They are open for others to join in the singing and also offer talks and massage. Organised by Jay and Lotta.



will offer a space for conscious dance events, contact improv, ecstatic dance and a wide range of heart centred therapies for body, and soul. Organised by Barbra, Mark, Lulu, Annika and Keshia .



Organised by an all-female group headed up by Nicky, Samantha and Valentina. Single women and moms with young kids can ask to join this village which will offer a range of process work for women, feminine support and empowerment workshops.


for older women to discuss matters affecting older women, with talks on how to provide leadership by sharing our experience and wisdom. Organised by Jane Versfeld and open for other older women to join.



welcome men to join their village or simply attend the talks and workshops they will hold. Their camping village is also open to women to join, who are ‘pro-men’ and wish to explore their own masculinity. Organised by Craig, Craig , David, Mubarak, and Richard.



is holding the space for conscious relating between the masculine and the feminine, both internally and externally. They will be offering a space to explore and embody key aspects of our being together in relationship. The camp will be for people and facilitators who are passionate about this work. Held by Satara , Ian and Pippa Solomo.



Tanith will again be offering a vegan food-from-the-fire service along with her village of helpers and musicians to entertain at the kitchen area. She will be open to pre-orders to eat from her kitchen and also sell some for Talents during the gathering. Tanith is also a medicine woman and offers natural remedies. with her home grown plants.



will offer
* the Live Music Stage for evening entertainment,
* the Sunset Drum Jam
* Conversation Corner for face to face chats about things that matter.
* The Crew will also be doing the Utilities Management for the micro-nation, i.e. power and lighting for the main pathways, maintaining the Central Information boards, wood collection, running the off grid showers, as well as security, first aid and safety.

The venues that each village creates, can be used by the groups own offerings but many will be open for use by other people staying in a different camp to offer something in line with their theme.



    • How to build a rocket stove – Tristan Nebe and friends
    • Water as a fuel source – Simon Hazell
    • Re-Source workshop – Turning Trash into Treasure – Candice and Matt Baker
    • Introduction to Permaculture – Bruce and Kelly – The Organic Pear
    • Grow your own Cannabis  – Bruce and Kelly – The Organic Pear
    • Off-Grid Living   – Bruce and Kelly – The Organic Pear
    • Composting your food and garden waste – Philippa Mallac
    • Soil love.  Feeding and healing the soil.  Planting water  – Philippa Mallac
    • The cycle of seeds.  Principles and practices of seed saving – Philippa Mallac
    • Eco-system services – Understanding Water, nutrient and energy cycles and succession.  Rehabilitate, cultivate and regenerate landscapes.  – Philipppa Mallac
    • Knife sharpening – Simon Hazel
    • Leather work – Simon Hazel
    • Handy knots to know – Rod Tritton
    • Preservation of Food – Canning, bottling, drying, cold storage and general food preparednesS – Vivienne Dijkstra
    • Seed saving, culinary herb provisions for cooking and medical use, etc. – Vivienne Dijkstra



  •  An opportunity to share the diversity  of our gardens and life.  Bring seeds to share and the story of these seeds.  Bring the seeds already packaged in small envelopes, or hand made envelopes, No plastic please.   Write the name of the seed, the harvest date.  It is also nice to know the place where it was gown and person it was grown by. – Philippa Mallac  and Tanith.


  • All about the Talent Exchange and the problem with Money – Tim Jenkin (founder and developer of the now world-wide Community Exchange System)
  • The practicalities of the Talent Exchange and how it has worked for me – Claudia Micelli (Administrator of the CTTE)
  • Traveling Africa on a budget, how much do you need? Two years and going… – Martijn van der Put
  • bundance through minimalism – Martijn van der Put
  • Spiritual and single – what now? – Martijn van der Put
  • How to green your home – Danielle Klaff
  • How to build healthy communities – The Work that Reconnects – Charmaine Treherne
  • Changing mindsets – what can I offer versus how much do I have to pay? A personal example -Martijn van der Put


  • How safe is 5G and why we need to voice concerns now – Joffrey Hyman
  • The Journey towards the creation of a permanent Learning Clan Sanctuary – The Clan Collective


  • Silent Connection – Connect with others through eye contact and body language – Anouk Vos
  • Nurturing Circle for body & soul – Annika Lipp
  • Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, and the conscious and connected Path – Richard Dennison
  • Kahuna Body Work – Derek
  • Breathwork – Shelani Tewari


  • painting and crafting
  • stories and books to read
  • collective storytelling
  • hoola hooping
  • facepainting 
  • exploring inner animals 
  • eurythmy
  • dancing
  • kids singing circle
  • shaker making
  • flower crown making
  • kids yoga


Anyone can sell anything useful for Talents, just bring your trade blanket or a string to hang your wares in the trees. Or whatever you need, if offering a service. NO alcohol to be sold, but home made craft brews are ok. Think minimal packaging, healthy, organic, recycled, handy, wholesome,any crafts – e.g not just the junk you want to get rid of at home

  • isiXhosa teaching materials at the market (children’s activity books, songs and other learning aids).
  • Handmade Solargraph pinhole cameras. 


  •  Tanith‘s Off-grid Kitchen – A Pre-paid meal service is offered for those who don’t have the means to cook for themselves tanithchristie@gmail.com



  • Daily Sunset drumming /dancing / community check in – bring your drums and shakers, and be sure to keep in time with the beat!!
  • 2 hour Drumming /dance set in the Oak Circle with all drummers and fire dancers  – Mike de Wit

As we have many offerings, you can book ONE slot on the board in the available venues. You are welcome to create your own venue too.

Let us know if you plan to offer something, so we can add it to the list above.