About us

After 5 years of Learning Clan gatherings, we took a break to walk the talk and practice off-grid community living on rented land, during lockdown.  An invaluable learning curve in itself, with many smaller learning events,  until we decided to buy a small country plot and start a more permanent off-grid journey.

Now as we all face the unravelling of  systems that have been propped up for too long,  – the need for actioning more self reliant living is all the more pressing, not just an appealing lifestyle idea.

We look forward to a Learning Clan reunion and welcome all who are looking for down-to-earth, face-to-face ways of connecting, exploring alternative options to thrive in a natural, sovereign way, build resilience for an uncertain future and remember our innate human potential to learn from each other and thrive!

With gratitude to all the Clan who have contributed to the incredible range of content, support and energy, making the gathering what it is.

 We look forward to connecting, playing, dancing, chilling, earning & learning with the Clan again    ~ Angie & Rod, founders.