Our third gathering is almost upon us and it promises to be the best one yet !

If you plan to join us this year – then read on.
If you're not sure and need more info, take a look at the website.


A fantastic variety of offerings are pouring in ! See the growing list here: Let us know if you have anything to add.


Tickets will be limited to keep the village cosy. Early tickets end on 30th November, so book soon if you can.
Cheaper Helper tickets are available for those willing to offer 8 hours of community work. More details on the Tickets page.


We have a fully kitted Live stage available for music or performances, as well as a DJ rig and dance area. We are lucky enough to have several pro musicians and some of our favourite dj's keen to share their talent so there will be live music as well as a variety of beats on offer each evening.

We love the silence of the forest too, so weekdays there will be a 10pm cut off time for amplified sound. The weekend nights till midnight, and New Year till dawn. Lots of time for dancing and jamming and drumming and plenty of delicious quiet times, and gentle bonfire acoustics.


Cash and crypto are for the default world. At Learning Clan, we remind ourselves we don't need currency or banks to trade with each other. But honesty and goodwill are essential - so please do check out the 'Trading page' - Essential reading for everyone, even if you have come before, as there are a few lessons we’ve learned over the past 2 years.
Offering meals or selling things at the Daily Sundown Market is an easy way to earn Talents. No now’s the time to start thinking how to balance your account if it’s in the red.


There is now an event page on Facebook for TLC parents wanting to connect and co-ordinate. If you are bringing your kids, you can use this page to chat, make plans to camp near friends, cook together etc or share ideas.
Nina, Craig and the lively PE crew have some wonderful ideas brewing to keep the kids challenged and entertained again but if you have any other ideas, let us know. All kids should have their own cushion. Let us know if you want to be invited to this page. It is not public.


The idea is to come prepared with all you need for a week. It's an exercise in self sufficiency. However, several people will be offering meals for Talents so make sure you have some extra Talents or a way of earning so you can buy ready-made meals if you wish. Anyone can also offer food/snacks/drinks/coffee etc to others, to earn Talents.
Elke is offering a communal kitchen to hire for Talents if any group would like to make a large meal or do a cooking/food prep demo.
Because food is always needed and not everyone can manage to prep food, we are allowing 2 people to offer a prepaid meal service. Caron is offering vegan meals. Deon is offering free range New year's eve and will sell tickets on quicket soon.


Candice and her Waste-Ed team will be running the fun recycling depot again. It is essential to have 3 containers at your camp:
  1. A plastic bucket with a lid, for food waste
  2. A reusable container for recycling (glass/tins/plastic/clean and dry paper)
  3. An empty plastic bottle, to fill with anything that can't be recycled ( clean and dry plastic, foil, butts etc) this makes an ecobrick when full and we'll use it to build something amazing.
    No bins at the venue so come prepared. When yours are full, you bring them to the depot. Thus we have a waste-free event. Please help us to achieve this goal!


Any ideas to pretty up the stages are welcome. Email us if you are keen to help. We have a creative day in Hout Bay this Sunday 3rd from 2-6pm


  • We are in need of a few more stretch-tents. If anyone who is coming, has one to hire please contact Rod
  • If anyone is throwing out old carpets, we are collecting, and we can bring them up.
  • Anyone with first aid or medic certification willing to be a part of the medic crew, please let us know
  • We are also looking for help during set up and break down. If you can come come a few days early, and/or stay 2 days afterwards. Contact Rod


We will send a checklist of things to pack closer to the time, but now is a good time to start looking for some solar lights or battery powered fairy lights for your campsite, thinking about ways to earn Talents, how you will prep and store food without electricity, finding and checking your camping gear.

The days will be bursting with activities, there's a wonderful river to swim in, ample music and dancing, the chance to share your passion, make new friends, loads of fun for kids, earning and learning, and hopefully some shifting conversations and unforgettable connections!

May the forest be with you!
Any questions, just reply to this email
If you are not on the Facebook event page - please let us know and we'll send you an invitation as its a private event.
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