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Dear Friends of Learning Clan

We have decided to postpone our annual gathering at the Circle of Dreams and gather again at a time when our intentions are not lost in a storm of confusion, divided opinions, and restrictions to our freedom of movement and expression.

Thank you to all those who were willing to step up to hold spaces for the learning and activities and the many people who asked to join us this year with so many wonderful offerings.

We wish you a deep and meaningful Solstice Celebration, wherever you may be and urge you to take the theme for this year to heart: Empower yourselves by becoming as self-sufficient as possible to maximise resilience for the times to come.

Thank you to those who have bought tickets. They will be valid for the next gathering, and we will let you know all about it soon. If anyone would prefer a refund, we will be happy to do so.

All power, love and strength to you, as we weave through these waves of change.

With love and deep appreciation for the past 5 years of co-creation and the many to come.

Angie and Rod

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