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Hi Folks
If you are thinking of joining the Clan gathering, now is the time to decide.
There is much interest for this year's community co-creation over the Solstice.

A magical gathering in the Forest, living on the land, off grid, in nature, connecting with friends, and exploring what it takes to empower ourselves to be more resilient and self-sufficient in these “anything-can-happen” times.

Read on for more information.



To secure a ticket for this years gathering, see the Tickets page on the website, for details. We only have about 130 tickets left, so don’t leave it too late to make your plans if you want to join.


Tuesday 15th – Thursday 24th December 2020



An extraordinary set of astrological alignments are due to occur over the Solstice on the 21st of December, a powerful time to galvanise collective intent.
We are planning a special day to offer prayers through music, song and dance, to honour the cycle of the Sun and the changes it brings.
We feel this is a far more important time to gather than over the New Year and hope those who are called to join us, can manage to get away for the full ten days to help co-create a thriving and connected village community, and add your energy to this special time in the Circle of Dreams.


Please see the Website for a list of 20 themed spaces that will be co-created with different activities offered and inspiration for how you can participate.
This year promises to be a particularly special one, with many important talks, relevant to our times, healing, performance and much musical entertainment, as well as useful knowledge and skills sharing for Empowerment, Resilience and Self-Sufficiency - our theme for this year.


Learning, teaching, and skill sharing is greatly needed today. Talks about alternative economic and social systems are happening on all levels of society, and this gathering is a great opportunity to collaborate.

We encourage you to share useful skills, tips and knowledge for an empowered and less dependent future . You don't have to be an expert, just share what you know, especially if you have experience living off grid and are pursuing a self sufficient lifestyle.

We have planted veggie gardens on the farm for food growers to use for workshops.

veggie garden1


Learning Clan is an exercise in self-sufficiency, and also a great way to practice preparing your kit, should you need to relocate in a hurry. This is becoming a reality for many people in the world these days. Pack to ensure you have sufficient shelter, warmth, lighting, cooking gear and food.


We encourage everyone to bring seeds for swapping or trading. Seeds may be more valuable than gold one day. Make sure you are stocking up on as many heirloom seeds as you can and bring anything you have in abundance to donate, or swap for other seeds. Tanith from the Seed2Fire Kitchen is asking for seed donations to distribute to rural areas.


At the festival, each camp cooks for themselves over the ten days, but there are also some people who offer cooked meals for Talents. If it is difficult for you to cook outdoors and want to secure cooked vegan meals before the gathering, you can contact our crew caterer, Tanith, and pre-order meals with her. 072 551 4766. She is also willing to swap fresh fruit and vegetables for Talents or meals.



As banks are now moving to digitize all transactions, now, more than ever, is the time to hang on to our ability to trade directly with each other. This human right is slowly being eroded.
We eschew money at our gathering to highlight the fact that we can always use our skills or time or unwanted items or knowledge, to trade for other things we need, without having to use money or banks at all. And there is no need to accumulate Talents because you have an endless supply of effort at the ready. It's also a very handy tool for getting by in times of no funds. More details here



Music is the universal language that unites us, and the medicine that lifts our frequency. It has been proven that the higher our personal frequency the more capable our immune system becomes. We invite everyone to join the dancing, the acoustic jams, and the singing, to feel the joy of the connectivity of music. It's good for you!

The Live Stage will offer space for performances, dance sets, raps, slam poetry and collaborative jams - we encourage musicians to join in with instrumental accompaniments where possible.

There is always so much musical and performance talent at Learning Clan and the community stage offers an opportunity to share our passion. The fire pits also offer many opportunities for fireside music and the Sacred Fire Camp has singing circles every evening for honouring Life, Great Spirit, ourselves and the land.

This year we are not having an Electronic Sound rig, but many delightful dance sets will be happening throughout the event, in different locations. We also have 50 headsets offered by Nikki Jackman for full power dancing while others can enjoy the forest silence. So, bring your dancing feet and prepare to shake off the lockdown blues.
With less than 3 weeks to go, now is the time to start getting organized if you haven’t already. We will be sending out the final details by the 8th of December.

If you can’t make it, thanks for your interest, and we wish you a blessed Solstice wherever you are and safe passage through these fast-changing times.

If you can make the gathering, get your tickets and more details by sending an email to

Thank you!
Love Angie and Rod and the Clan Crew