Whoohoo! We can feel the excitement building as we gear up for a week in the forest with friends.... making music, dancing, and chilling….
The focus, as we know though, is on building community resilience, exploring options to empower ourselves, connect and share knowledge and healing in these times of change.
If you’re keen to participate in co-creating a living, working, trading, thriving, barefoot, rockin' village, then read on...


To encourage commitment and ensure time to prepare, we have offered a cheaper price if you book before December 3rd.
So 3 days left before the price goes up. Book on Quicket. Or you can also pay by EFT directly to the Learning Clan account. Email us for bank details and to get your tickets via email.


A fantastic variety of contributions are pouring in! From useful homesteading skills, inspiration for growth, healing and transformation, talks, workshops, crafts, ceremony, performance, yoga, massage, activities for kids and teens and all sorts on offer at the lively pop-up Talent market.

See the growing list of offerings here

Let us know if you have anything to add, and feel free to post your offering on the facebook group page so people can look out for you. Then once you arrive, find an open slot on the Activity Boards. You can also create your own space. You can also print your own cards for the boards (9cmx6cm)


To get the most out of the experience, try to arrive on 27th Dec and leave on the 3rd Jan. Its not easy for everyone but the idea is to spend the whole week living on the land and co-creating the village. There are no Day Tickets available as we want participation not observation.
The gates are only open from 9am to 5pm. Thereafter they will be locked.
If you want to come a day early or stay a day longer and are not on the set up/break down team, there is a R100 camping fee per person per night. This must be pre-arranged.


Just before Sunset, we gather with drumming and dancing to generate some community energy and to let you know what's happening. Join in with any percussion, dancing and chanting to add to the village Heartbeat.
We are thrilled to have several pro musicians in our Clan for the Live Music Stage and some fabulous DJ's for the Dance Zone, so the evenings will be filled with lively or ambient choices.
The Sacred Fire Camp also has wonderful song circles most nights around the perpetual sacred fire.


This is a completely money-free village, to remind us that we don't need cash, crypto, banks, tax or vat to trade with each other. If you haven’t joined the Exchange yet – sign up here. It’s free and easy and a handy empowering tool for individuals and communities. It is not an alternative currency, it is simply a record of giving and receiving. and it works well if used with integrity. Check out the 'Trading page' on the website for more info.

If your account is in the red, now’s the time to start thinking how to get back to zero. It is seriously uncool to join the exchange and only buy things without balancing your account with your own offerings. It’s dishonest and negates the functionality of the Exchange.
If you want to make some Talents before you arrive, book a table at the next Talent Exchange market in Claremont on Saturday 21st December. Or offer something useful for sale on your profile on the Talent Exchange website.

If you don’t have a talk/workshop or service to offer to earn Talents, then think of some useful things to bring and sell for Talents at the daily pop-up Market. (e.g: fresh fruit/veg, snacks, beverages, biodegradable soaps, hats, nice second hand clothes, etc. No alcohol, plastic junk or unhealthy stuff please :)

Please be generous with your prices for all contributions. The idea is not to make profits but to allow the village economy to flow, then everyone benefits with good value.


You need to be prepared with all you need for a week. An exercise in self-sufficiency. Keep it simple (avoid things that will go off) and minimise packaging. Anyone can offer food/snacks/drinks/coffee etc to others for Talents.
There will be Kitchen Space for hire (for Talents) if any group would like to make a large meal or do a cooking / food preserving demo.
Bookings on a first come first serve basis. There is a slot on the Main Activity Boards to book the Kitchen.
Tanith is our awesome Crew Kitchen chef and is offering to make extra meals for anyone who may need ready made meals. (R60 pre-paid, for a healthy vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner) Email her directly to arrange an EFT payment before 10th Dec for meal tickets. You'll find her in the Kitchen tent area, cooking over the fire, usually surrounded by musicians.


Check out the Getting Organised page on the website, for checklists of what to bring and more info on camp conditions. Everyone should read this page, even if you've been before, so we all know what to expect and what is expected.


We are unlearning our 'throwaway' mindset. Please help us to achieve our goal of conscious waste management and zero waste to landfill, by preparing 3 containers for your campsite.

The Recycling depot is managed by some of our favourite Clanners, Candice and Matt between 10am and 11am every morning where you can bring your full containers to sort and separate and you might even find handy things to re-use. Think trash to treasure!
COMPOST: A plastic bucket with a lid, for food waste and dirty paper
RECYCLABLES: A reusable container or bag for glass, metal, plastic, dry paper
NON-RECYCLABLES: An empty plastic bottle, to fill with anything that can't be recycled to make an ecobrick
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There are many daily tasks that need doing to keep the village running smoothly. This year we are introducing a break in activities between 10am and 11am to focus on service to the village rather than ourselves. Come to the info tent to see what's needed, there are over 100 things to do each day. Bring your recycling to the depot. Help to make our village a better place for all.


This lovely space created by Barbra each year, offers a welcoming soft venue for workshops, talks, sharing circles and healing of the body, heart and spirit. Any contributions of cushions, mats, candles, incense, artwork, lighting, ideas, and love would be much appreciated. Also any heARTistic creations to display. Contact Barbs if you can help in any way.


While we understand this age group enjoys the freedom side of the Clan rather than any rules, (yip, school is full of those and its holiday time!), but with freedom comes the Clan community agreement to 'do what thou wilt but harm none'. This means respecting how the village flows -i.e: not littering, doing your recycling, helping out at the community hour, keeping voices down when people are sleeping, using the Talent exchange honestly. Thanks for conveying this to your kids and that our event permit requires NO underage drinking. One parent must be responsible for each teen camp. The teens can set up their own music zone for chilling and jamming and must bring anything they like to make it cosy. We will supply a tent, a carpet and a music system.


This is the last year we can have the gathering at the Circle of Dreams. So we are dreaming up a new Dream! A group of us have been looking to leave the city and co-create an eco-village that can also be our future Learning Clan venue, as well as a centre for other retreats and events. We are looking for people to help us realise this Dream, so if this appeals, look out for the Clan Sanctuary presentation.

That’s all for now...

Let us know if you have something to add to the mix, so we can add it to the contributions page. Happy Prepping !

Much love and look forward to seeing you soon!
Angie, Rod and the Clan Crew
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