The forest is calling .... to once again, co-create our little village at the Circle of Dreams, and remind ourselves how to live on the land, in community.

If you are planning to come, it's time to start giving some thought to being organised for a week of off-grid living, with everything you need, and how you can add to the community in some way.


Tickets are available on Quicket or Email Rod to pay by EFT or cash.
Earlybird Tickets end on the 30th of September.
See the tickets page on the website for the link. You will need to have your Talent Exchange number handy and your current Talent Balance when you buy your ticket.

If this is your first time, it's a good idea to go through the website (link below) to know how it all works, so you can be feel at home when you get there.
If you’ve been before, check the site anyway for participation suggestions, what you'll need to bring, and some of our friendly village rules, so it all flows.

Feel free to send the link to people you know would be interested, but we would rather you do not share it publicly on Facebook, as it is not a public event. Please read on....



It's best to come for the full duration to get the most out of the village experience.
For this reason there is only a full-week ticket price. 7 nights, 8 days.
Gates open at 9am on 27th Dec, which is arrival-and-setting-up-your-camp day. Then 6 full days of village life with interesting talks, workshops, discussions, yoga, trading, bonfires, swimming, playing, singing, chilling, music, drumming, dancing, recycling, cooking under the stars and connecting with friends.
3rd of January is pack up day.


Please don't bring your dog unless you absolutely have to. We had far too many dogs last year and it became an issue. To discourage this, the price for a dog ticket is now R400. All dog owners must bring a spade and a leash.


Great content offerings are flowing in. You can find ideas to participate on the website. Please let us know what you plan to offer. We welcome anything that is empowering.
We are particularly looking to have more off grid / homesteading workshops: practical workshops on growing food, natural building, harvesting water, food preservation, solar heating/cooking/lighting, and other useful earth skills. The less dependent we are on the systems that bind us, the more resilient we are for any kind of future.


We take care of village needs ourselves.
This year, rather than offering cheaper Volunteer tickets (which were not always honoured) we are introducing Community Service hour from 10am - 11am, every day, where we all focus on what the village needs rather than ourselves.
This generates more of a sense of community and enables a better village for us all to enjoy. A list of fun chores will be up at the info boards and music will play as we all join in and offer help.


First step is to join the
Talent Exchange
It's easy and it's a handy tool to get by without using money (or banks or vat or tax or interest) and you can use it all year round, all over the world. More info here
Before buying a ticket, first timers must join the exchange, wait for a number and then enter your number on Quicket. Enter zero (0) for the Talent balance .
If you live in Cape Town click the link above or anywhere else in the world click here


The Heart Space would like to set up a zoom conference call for those that would like to set positive intentions for this natural health and healing arts family space. Please email Barbra at or whatsapp 0737300925 to voice your interest. Collectively we envision the more beautiful world our hearts know IS POSSIBLE and guide and support each other into wholeness and happiness through a variety of healing arts processes, relationship building exercises and personal and family wellness coaching.



The Clan is made up of all ages, so we encourage the younger ones to get involved as much as possible, finding ways to earn Talents by offering to share what they love or are good at.
We're looking for more activities for the youth this year.
And a reminder if your older teens are coming to let them know that this is a village of participation, not just a playground. No under age smoking or alcohol is allowed. There were too many issues with this last year so we have to enforce this rule. More music and dance options for the youth will be available as well as sharing workshops and options for creativity, performance and skills learning.
That’s all for now...
If you know what you'd like to bring to the mix, let us know, so we can add to the contributions page on the website - Learning Clan is what it is because of what you bring to share.

Some great music offerings have come in already, we are in for a real treat at the live stage and there will also be time for jams as well as performances by the talented youth of the Clan.

Updates and Notices of interest will be posted on the Learning Clan Facebook Group. If you don't do FB, we will send another Newsletter before the event.
We are also looking at using an alternative to facebook in the future so if you have time, please explore

Cheers, much love and all power to your passion!
Angie, Rod and the Clan Crew
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