Hi Folks!

We hope this finds you in good health and managing to ride these waves of change.

What a year it has been! We could all do with a year end break to relax with friends, and while we still hope to be drumming in some uplifting and cathartic energy in the Oak circle again soon - - if ever there was a time to be learning about maximising resilience and preparedness, and minimising our dependence on systems - - it is now.

This is why Learning Clan was created, as an of the grid gathering, to learn how to be more resilient, and this year we are calling to step this up a notch.

As you have heard, events are to be capped at a maximum of 500 people. If you would like to come to the gathering this year, please read this newsletter carefully as there will be some criteria for attending in order to ensure those that resonate with this upgrade can join us.

The new dates are the 15th-24th December. Ten days to immerse ourselves into a deeper community experience - honouring the true beginning of a new cycle over the Summer Solstice


This year we are focusing on resilience, self-sufficiency, and empowerment and calling those willing to share their knowledge on these subjects and those interested in this learning.

The aim is establish stronger community bonds, while sharing knowledge about how to strengthen bodies, hearts and minds as well as our skillsets, to navigate the 'great reset' future coming our way.



In the spirit of progress, rather than restriction, this year we're going to try an experiment, and upgrade our village into a micro-nation of small self-sufficient communities.
So, we are calling for groups to come together and form community camps. In this way, we learn more about pooling resources and working together, and experience the benefits of the power of many.


The Circle of Dreams transforms into several mini-villages, (or theme camps) of about 10 - 40 people. Each village self-organises to take care of their own living needs for ten days – from all-weather shelter, to power needs, to how you will organise your food supplies, cooking, dealing responsibly with your waste, and taking care of your children.
Each village then also co-creates a place of learning for the greater tribe or offers a service to the community.

We use the opportunity to practice how to come together to take care of our needs individually and as a group, (good to know, should we need to suddenly, or wish to in the future). And at the same time bring more focused teachings, and hopefully leave more empowered.



  1. Naturelore - Rein and Ingrid are organising a village of several families that will offer Nature Connection, Earth skills and Bush Craft classes for adults and children.
  2. The Eloquent Library & Land Gallery - is a community of land artists who will create a quiet area where talks can be held. It will cater to those willing to participate and learn about land art as well as the sharing of knowledge. This is organised by Joffrey and will be an EMF free zone.
  3. KhoiSan Village - an indigenous culture camp offering knowledge on bush survival skills, connection to the land, music, cooking and medicinal traditions.
  4. The Sacred Fire Village - families collaborating to camp together and share cooking. They will offer song circles and sacred ceremony to honour the land and the elements and to hold the vision of a better world. They also offer talks and healing massage and are open for others to join in the singing each evening around the perpetual Sacred Fire.
  5. The Heartspace Temple of Bliss will create a space offering various tools to restore balance, both individually and collectively, such as ecstatic dance, contact improv, conscious dance, massage and bliss therapies, emotional release techniques, non violent communication and relating circles.
    Organised by Barbra, Annika, Adam, and Keshia.
  6. Healing Village - A camp of healers, offering various therapies for healing body mind and soul. Open to other healers to join them. Initiated by Claudia Klein and Peter von Maltitz
  7. Red Tent Village will be curated by an all-female group headed up by Nicky, Sam and Valentina. Women and moms with young kids can ask to join this village which will offer a range of process work for women, feminine support and empowerment workshops.
  8. The Men's Tipi Village is being organised by Craig Peacock and friends. Other men are welcome to join their village or simply attend the talks and workshops they will hold. They are also open to women joining their camp, who are 'pro-men' and wish to explore their own masculinity.
  9. Divination Village -a small village initiated by Abraham Le Roux and Jan-Arend, psychologists offering tarot card readings with insight on a personal and collective level in approaching the way ahead. They are open for others in this field to join them.
  10. The Kaleidacare Kids Camp. A Village offering a space for activities for little ones from 3 - 9 years organised by Elize and Danielle. They are open for families with young kids to join their camp.
  11. The Waste-Ed Village - Candice and Matt will be heading up the waste education camp - offering help to each village to recycle their own waste responsibly. This is, as always, a leave no trace event, aiming for zero waste to landfill.
  12. The Talent Exchange Village- Tim Jenkin, the founder of the Talent Exchange and Claudia Miceli, the administrator of the Cape Town Exchange, will offer information on using Talents to empower yourself and your community They are open to other people who use the Exchange regularly to join them and be available to assist newcomers. They will also manage the daily pop up market for anyone to sell goods or services for Talents.
  13. Seed-to-Fire Kitchen, Tanith will again be offering a vegan food-from-the-fire service along with her village of helpers and musicians to entertain at the kitchen area. She will be selling delicious vegan meals for Talents.
  14. The Clan Crew Village will offer the Music Stage for the talented clan musicians, as well as a Conversation Corner for informal chats about things that matter.
    The Crew will also undertake Utilities Management for the micro-nation, i.e. solar power and lighting for the main pathways, maintaining the Information boards, wood collection, keeping the boiler stoked for hot showers, as well as security, first aid and safety.


A few more villages with off-gridders, permies, homesteaders, food growers, natural builders, food preservers, seed savers, beekeepers, preppers, home schoolers, foragers, blacksmiths, or activists, common law experts, truthseekers, etc, willing to collaborate and share knowledge with those wanting to know more.

You don't need to be an expert, just share what you know, your experience, your passion.
Let us know if you are keen on offering any of these and we'll put you in touch with each other. It could be a great opportunity to network, collaborate and promote what you do.


We will still have :
1. The Pop-up Market each day, where everyone comes to trade in Talents
2. The daily sunset Clan Drum and Dance tradition.
3. There is also the lovely river for swimming and time out.
4. The Information Station to check what’s happening at the villages with daily activities.


The Village Names will be on the info boards, each with 4 time slots, 2 in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Time slots have increased to 2 hours each, so each venue will now have fewer change-overs, and more focused time with participants. This way, we will come away with a deeper learning experience.
Some villages can also offer unscheduled activities or one-on-one offerings.


Yes, this is still a Talents only gathering. Once again we practice trading off grid with each other and only Talents are to be used as a method of recording your trades. Remember that Talents are not another currency, they are simply a measure, and a reminder that we still can, and should, be bartering with each other.
If your account is in the red, there is a talent Market in Cape Town on the 24th October at the Novalis centre in Wynberg. Book a table and sell your crafts, services or goods. If you are not yet a member, join here for a free account www.ces.org.za.


Instead of taking the first 500 people who buy tickets, this year, tickets will initially be available for sale to those co-creating a community village and offering a service.

  • You can call for more people to join your group once your village has been given the go-ahead, up to a maximum of 40.
  • If there are still tickets available after the villages have been established, it may still be possible to get single tickets.
  • If you have a great offering but no camp to join, you can apply for a ticket anyway and we will consider it.
  • Tickets will only be available in November, once all the villages and participants have been identified and we know it won't be cancelled.
    We are hoping for the best outcome so we can gather freely, but either way, we believe this year will be a deeper and richer learning experience.


If we go to level 0 then the micro-nation plan above will stay the same and we can open up attendance to another 400 people who can camp on their own and attend the activities of the various villages, as well as sell goods or services at the market and if space available ask to join a camp or use their venue for a talk or workshop.

If we go to level 2 or 3 again and no large gatherings are allowed, we can explore the possibility of congregating in these groups of 50 or less, spread widely on the farm…. or have each group hold a weekend event at the farm over the year, as part of an ongoing Community Learning project focusing on each village theme. Either way we will adapt to the current realities and keep moving forward.


Email Angie@LearningClan.net to apply with your group’s Name and what it will offer, and if you are open to other’s joining you? Preference will be given to the offerings most in line with our ethos and theme for this year.

We look forward to hearing from those interested in sharing knowledge and learning about being more self-reliant and resilient, for this year’s December Solstice gathering!
More info at www.learningclan.net.

With love
Angie and Rod

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