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Once again, we co-create the village at the Circle of Dreams in Riviersonderend.
So, if you are keen to join in this year, it’s time to give it some thought.

If this is your first time, it's a good idea to go through the website. Then you'll know how it all works and you can dive right in and feel at home.
If you’ve been before, check the site anyway for participation suggestions, getting organised and some of our friendly village rules, so it all flows.
It's a private event, but feel free to send the link to people
you know would be interested rather than share publically on facebook.


It's best to come for the full duration to get the most out of the village experience.
For this reason there is only one full-week ticket price.
Gates open at 9am on 28th Dec, which is arrival-and-setting-up-your-camp day.
Then 6 full days of talks, workshops, discussions, yoga, demo's, market, bonfires, swimming, playing, singing, chilling, music, drumming... and dancing in the New year with the full energy of our intent. 4th of January is pack up day. 7 nights, 8 days.



Great content offerings are flowing in. You can find ideas to participate on the website.
We are particularly looking to have more off grid / homesteading demonstrations / practical workshops on growing food, natural building, harvesting water, food preservation, solar heating/cooking/lighting, and other useful earth skills.

New to the Clan this year?

First step is to join the
Talent Exchange
It's easy and it's a handy tool to get by without using money (or banks or vat or tax or interest) and you can use it all year round all over the world. More info here


To avoid the need for strangers to help run the village, we take care of village necessities ourselves.
If we all chip in at least one 2-hour shift on the volunteer boards, everything flows smoothly, and we have a cosy village vibe, not an impersonal event.
For anyone who cannot afford the full ticket price, and willing to do a shift every day – we will refund half your ticket after the Festival.
Email to apply for a Helper ticket.
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Shout out - Can you help?


If you would like to get onto the Learning Clan event page on Facebook to follow posts and pics, please join the Learning Clan “Group” page here. Only members of the group can get into the event page. If you want to invite friends, add them to the group and then go to the event link on the group and invite them to the event. Sorry for the complication but the aim, as you know, is to build our community, not be a large open public event.

That’s all for now...
If you are keen to join us at the Circle of Dreams and you know what you'd like to bring to the mix, let us know, so we can liven up the contributions page on the website - just send a reply to this mail.

Cheers, much love and all power to your passion!
Angie, Rod and the Clan Crew
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