It's time to start prepping for the co creation of a village on the land, under the stars !

If you are coming to the gathering this year, please read through this guide to participating so we are all clear on how things roll and what you need to bring.
If you have other plans, we wish you


We all realise the importance of building community in these times and what better way to spend the holidays in the company of friends, old and new, having a wide choice of things to do, talking about things you are passionate about, learning useful skills, sharing knowledge, getting some healing, exploring consciousness, having stimulating face to face conversations instead of facebook and a whole lot of fun in a family friendly forest!


We are delighted by all the people who have contributed to the content already, See What's On so far . Over 150 talks, presentations, workshops, healings, rejuvenations, self exploration options, homesteading and self sufficiency skills, music, performance and activities for kids and teens offered by the Clan.


Tickets will be available on Quicket until 26th December at midnight. Have your Talent Exchange number handy.


We’re not using money – we are sharing, gifting, swopping or using the Talent Exchange. Sign up on the Exchange before you buy your ticket. Its easy and free and gives us a way of trading with each other, without banks or vat or interest or tax, not just at the Festival, but forever. Have an adventure in freedom from money. Earn some, spend some, and it all flows. www.ces.org.za (your offering on the Exchange need not be the same as your offering at the festival)


Everyone co-creates the content of the festival in some way. Knowledge, skills, know-how, service, ideas, random acts of kindness, art, music, entertainment, healing – anything that is empowering. You don’t have to have a specific talent or skill or craft, you can offer a service, sell things for Talents at market time, or make a meal for people, or support other people’s offerings.


• Camping and clothing gear for ALL weather possibilities from chilly, to hot, to rainy.
• Groundsheet, shadecloth, cloths, mats, cushions, cooking equipment, plastic tarp for rain.
• All your own campsite lighting, using solar or batteries
• Enough food to sustain you for a week.
• A bin for recycling, A bucket with lid for food waste, an empty plastic bottle for the rest
• A personal portable camping chair or a ground mat
• Travelling ashtray container if you are a smoker, no butts on the ground, ever.
• Headlamp or torch
• Non-toxic, biodegradable washing liquids, soaps and shampoos
• Water bottle (abundant drinking water available)
• Talent Exchange number and pens to record transactions on your Sales sheet.
• Travelling bowl/mug and spoon for when eating/drinking at others (no food packaging here)
• First Aid kit, Fire Extinguisher if you have one
• A good community spirit 😊


We have a solar rig for streetlights and music and a recharge station for phones/cameras. There are no fridges and no ice so be creative about the food you bring. Although the moon will be full-ish, you will need some lighting at your camp which also helps when you're trying to make your way back to it at night. Strings of solar powered fairy lights, lanterns, battery or gaslight. Everyone should have their own torch or headlamp. Cooking can be done at designated fire pits only, or gas cookers/braais/wood stoves / solar cooker. No fires at your campsite unless in one of the fire pits.


Gates are only open from 9am-5pm. The gate will be locked otherwise.
• Bring your ID, and your Talent Exchange number and your tickets (print or phone)
• Camp at the far end if you don’t want to be disturbed by the evening Music.
• We will sell tickets at the gate but you must have already signed up on the Talent Exchange


There are many trees and you can camp with your car, so bring hammocks and cloths, comforts and necessities to make a temporary home in the forest. There are basic ablution blocks with hot showers and good drinking water. Use the sun for your power needs, biodegradable cleaning liquids, separate all your waste and drop it off in the collection zones, be mindful of neighbours and respect space, stuff and noise levels. Leave no trace.


The campsite is shady, and the ground is soft soil. You can easily stay barefoot here for a week, but watch out for the occasional hidden stump in the ground. Bring a basic first aid kit. There are sometimes bees or flies so bring flynets to cover food. There are flush loos, as well as a few compost toilets. Showers are heated by wood fires, please keep them short.


We are aiming for ZERO WASTE - i.e no landfill. There will be no bins for "rubbish". So have 3 receptacles at your tent: 1. Food waste for the compost heap. 2. Dry and clean recyclables (glass, tins, plastics, paper) 3. Non recyclables get stuffed into an empty plastic bottle to make an eco-brick. These can be used for building things. Our lively recycle depot is a hive of activity turning trash to treasure.


Gas bottles are a hazard, so please ensure they are safely placed, have been checked for leaks and faulty pipes and are always attended when operational. Fire extinguishers are a handy camping accessory. Please do bring these, if you have any. There is a lovely river to swim in, but parents must take responsibility for their own children when they are swimming. Please do not make a fire at your camp. Fires are only allowed in the many firepits.


This is not a 24/7 trance party, but there will be various lively music options from the musicians and DJ's in the Clan. We love music as well as the gentle forest sounds. So please be tolerant - if the music or lack thereof, is not to your liking, it will soon change. If you don’t want to be disturbed by evening music, make sure you camp on the opposite side of the entrance. Amplified sound will be turned down around 10pm on weekdays, midnight on the weekend and will go on till dawn to dance in the New Year.


Bring enough food for a week that does not require refrigeration, unless you can think of ways to keep it cold. See it as an interesting challenge as opposed to a deprivation. Some people will be offering meals for Talents and so can you. There will be a kitchen space that can be booked if you and some friends want to create a big meal and sell it to hungry Clanners for Talents


The village has many daily tasks to keep running smoothly, so we all chip in with a shift of an hour or two during your stay. We will be calling for volunteers each day, please come to the Info boards to offer your help.


Dogs are only allowed if you absolutely cannot make another plan. Have a leash handy too. All dog owners must lookout for and bury ANY poop you see even if you know it’s not your dog . Be sure to take full responsibility for them and their needs and make sure they are not a nuisance to anyone. If they are, we may have to ask you to take them home.


There are central Info Boards where you can offer your presentation in an available venue. Please read the notices on the back of these boards too. Its our Village comms area.


1. Live Stage - live music, performances
2. Talks Tent - talks, workshops, movies (projector available)
3. Demo Zone - if you need space to build something
4. Heart Space - for the healing arts
5. Yoga Zone - yoga, tai chi, stretching, etc
6. Red Tent - feminine rites and rituals, circle sharing
7. Dance Zone - night time dance sets
8. Oak Circle - drum jams, fire dancing, kids play
9. Children’s Zone - for kids activities, play space
10.Teen Zone - for teen activities and their hangout spot
11.Tipi Village - for circle sharing, massage, ceremonials
12. Kitchen- for food demos or food prep
13. Liminal Space - sound journeys, massage, movement and more

(if you are using a venue and charging a fee for your offering, please donate some Talents to the venue manager for the space)
Ok that's all for now. If you are joining us...


  • reading this looong email :)
  • Co-creating this abundant, magical, transformative village with us
  • Being mindful about your community, nature and everyone around you
    • Leaving no trace, recycling, taking care of your own stuff
  • Being respectful of other people’s stuff
  • Being aware of where you light up and for collecting your own butts
  • Respecting the diversity of belief systems, opinions, music tastes and silence

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If you are not on the Learning Clan 2017 private event page, and want to be kept up to date with further developments, just reply to this email and we will send an invite. This is the last newsletter till the event. We are heading out for setup now.

See you in the forest!

Angie, Rod and the Clan Crew

Special thanks to Johnny Cohen for designing us a great new logo - we love it !