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"Time to start Prepping

This phrase pops up often these days. more of us are sensing big changes on the horizon.

So while we gear up for another wonderful gathering in the forest with friends.... making music, dancing, and chilling….
.... the focus is really on taking the opportunity to explore options to empower ourselves, share knowledge, and discuss ways to build community resilience.

If you’re keen to participate in co-creating a living, working, trading, thriving, barefoot rockin' village, then read on...


Heads up ! The Early ticket price ends on 30th November, so book soon on Quicket.

Or you can also pay by EFT directly to the Learning Clan account.
Email for bank details and to get your tickets via email.

Ticket prices for 8 days are: R900 for Adults, R450 for Children (4-16) and R100 for dogs. There are no more half price Helper Tickets.

During December the price is R1000, Children R500.
This is to encourage you to commit by end November as you do need some time to get organised.


To get the most from the experience, try to arrive on 28th Dec and leave on the 4th Jan. No early arrivals unless by arrangement with Angie. The farmer now charges R100/ppn camping fees if you turn up early and are not on the setup crew.
Gates open daily from 9am-6pm only, otherwise you'll find them locked.


A fantastic variety of contributions are pouring in. From useful homesteading skills, inspiration for growth, healing and transformation, crafts, ceremony, performance, yoga, massage, activities for kids and teens, and all sorts of things on sale for Talents at the pop up market. Thank you!!

See the growing list here

Let us know if you have anything to add, and feel free to post your offering on the facebook event page so people can look out for you.


As usual, we have a fully kitted Live Stage available for music or performances, as well as a Dance Zone and DJ rig.
We are thrilled to have several pro musicians and some fabulous DJ's in the Clan, so the evenings will be filled with high energy drumming and both live music as well as a variety of DJ slots each evening.
Camp Illumination also has wonderful song circles most nights around the perpetual sacred fire.
Amplified music will be turned down at midnight, so we can enjoy the sounds of the forest, or gentle fireside acoustics here and there.
New Year will be an all night special, as we give thanks with a communal meal and galvanize the power of intent through music, song, drums, dance and beating hearts!



If you are still thinking of coming and haven’t joined the Exchange yet – sign up here. It’s free and easy and a handy empowering tool for communities to trade without the need for money, banks, vat, tax, etc.

If your account is in the red, now’s the time to start thinking how to get back to zero. It is seriously uncool to join the exchange and only buy things without balancing your account with your own offerings. It’s dishonest and destroys the functionality of the Exchange.
If you want to make some Talents before you arrive, book a table at the next Talent Exchange market in Claremont on 15th December. Or perhaps offer something useful for sale on your profile on the Talent Exchange website.

Selling things at the daily Sundown Market at the festival is an easy way to earn Talents.

If you don’t have a talk/workshop or service to offer to earn Talents, then think of some useful things to bring and sell for Talents. (e.g: fresh fruit/veg, healthy snacks, beverages, biodegradable soaps, hats, clothes, etc)

Check out the 'Trading page' on the website for more info.



The idea is to come prepared with all you need for a week. It's an exercise in self-sufficiency 😊 However, several people may be offering meals for Talents. Anyone can offer food/snacks/drinks/coffee etc to others for Talents.

Tim Ellis is offering a Kitchen Space for hire (for Talents) if any group would like to make a large meal or do a cooking demo.
Bookings on a first come first serve basis at the Fest. There is a slot on the Main Activity Boards to book the Kitchen.

Tanith is our Crew Kitchen chef and is offering to make extra for anyone willing to send cash now for prepaid meals (R60 for a healthy vegan dinner and R50 for a hearty home-made meusli breakfast). Email her directly to arrange an EFT payment before the Fest for meal tickets.


We will send a checklist of things to remember to bring closer to the time, but now is a good time to start finding and checking your camping gear, organising solar lights or battery powered fairy lights for your campsite, fire extinguishers, camp chairs, first aid, how you will prep and store food without electricity. Hooking up with friends to camp and cook together.
There was a bad storm that hit the forest earlier this year that felled about 100 trees so there are more open spaces. Shade cloth is a good idea.


Spacious 3-person waterproof dome tents are available for hire from Tim Ellis. R700 prepaid to Tim directly. (R200 refund if it is returned clean, so really only R500 for the whole week!) and this includes transport of the tent to the venue.
Email or Whatsapp Tim to book.


We are unlearning our 'throwaway' mindset. Please help us to achieve our goal of conscious waste management by preparing 3 containers for your zero-waste campsite.
  1. COMPOST: A plastic bucket with a lid, for food waste and dirty paper
  2. RECYCLABLES: A reusable container or bag for glass, metal, plastic, dry paper
  3. NON-RECYCLABLES: An empty plastic bottle, to fill with anything that can't be recycled (cling wrap, foil, butts, chip packets, sweet wrappers, cable ties etc) to make an ecobrick
For the last 3 years, Candice and Matt from Waste-ED have run our waste-to-resource system. They facilitate a depot between 9am and 11am every morning where you can bring your full containers to be sorted and utilised.
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To avoid the need for strangers to help run the village, we take care of village necessities ourselves. If we all chip in at least one 2-hour shift on the volunteer boards, everything flows smoothly, and we have a cosy village vibe, so please be generous with your time. It's all part of the fun :)

Shout out - Can you help?



Everyone uses this lovely space created by Barbra each year. Any contributions of cushions, mats, candles, incense, artwork, lighting, ideas, and love would be much appreciated. Especially looking for old foam mattresses we can cut up and cover to make this a cosy workshop space. Contact Barbs if you can help in any way.
If anyone would like to dispay any heARTistic creations, please get in touch.
And anyone with spare transport space in a bakkie or trailer to get these lovely bits and pieces there would be awesome!


Anyone with first aid or medic certification willing to be a part of the medic crew on standby, please let us know.


Any décor options for the teen tent would be great too, so they have a comfortable place to hang out. – Cushions, mats, old mattresses, etc

That’s all for now...

Let us know if you have something to add to the mix, so we can add it to the contributions page - just send a reply to this mail .

Happy Prepping !

Much love and look forward to seeing you soon!
Angie, Rod and the Clan Crew
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