Learning Clan is back at the Circle of Dreams

January 5th - 12th 2024


To share skills and knowledge for empowerment, ideas to thrive in these times,
and to cultivate inspiration for the year ahead amidst friends, forests, and firesides, 

  with much music-making, song and dance!

In a world on the verge of monumental shifts, we invite you to share your knowledge and insights towards fostering greater resilience and unlocking pathways to thrive in these extraordinary times.

If this appeals, bring your energy, wisdom and curiosity to our co-created village.  Learning Clan is a place to express your best self. 

Offerings can be placed on the Activity Boards at the festival. There will be two time slots in the morning and two in the afternoon in various venues. 

Lets us know if you have something to share so we can add it to the growing list of offerings on the website and promote it on the facebook page.

See further below for ideas to inspire you. We are particularly wanting the sharing of knowledge around being more self sufficient and empowered. 


What’s on:

  • Stretch tent Venues – for anyone to offer talks or workshops
  • Outdoor demonstrations or exhibits – plenty of open space to do your thing
  • Information Station  to post your offering, showing what is happening at each Venue 
  • Pop-up Talent Market each day – to sell your wares or skills and earn Talents to spend
  • Sunset Drumming and Dancing in the Oak Circle
  • Live Stage for musicians and performers in the community to share their talent
  • Dance Zone, organic, down tempo, deep house vibes,  
  • Sacred Fire for intention setting, medicine song circles, mantras and meditations
  • Red Tent for women time, healing and self-knowledge
  • Khoi/San Camp Traditional healing, and teachings from the original off-gridders
  • Riverside grassy chill space and swimming  
  • Yoga Zone for any movement offerings
  • Sweat Lodge –  an earth womb for cleansing, prayer and intentions
  • Healing Hub – for sharing natural health and healing
  • Seed2Fire Kitchen – vegan, fire cooking lessons and music 
  • Kids Tent – offerings of activities and edutainment for the young ones
  • Teen Tent – A place to hang with friends or a space for offerings
  • Grassy fields and shaded camping  – drinking water taps throughout the camp
  • Waste-Ed Recycling Station – to bring your separated waste and ecobricks
  • Off-grid facilities: fire pits, mountain drinking water, wood-fired showers, flush loos
  • Several big firepits – to cook with friends, fire-side chats or jams

We live in community
and use a money-free economy.

In this co-created temporary village, we encourage trading. We gift, swop, share, barter or use the Community Exchange System to remember that we can still transact without the money grid.  More important now than ever as we head towards a controlled digital future.

You can give of your knowledge, services or goods freely or barter or  exchange for TalentsMoney has no place at this event.  For good reason. We can exchange without it.   
Talents are not another form of money – they are simply a measure of giving and receiving. You receive Talents for your service, you then can buy something from someone else. Easy.
We use money in the default world. Here we exchange. Generously.

How does it work?

Join The Community Exchange,  


A Gathering with Purpose…
to Connect, Share our passion and Learn something New!

 A time for fun but also for conversations on navigating the coming changes. 
Our aim is to inspire each other to manifest the future we want rather than the one we’re being herded into.

Some ideas to inspire

Can you share your knowledge on any of these empowering skills?   Can you hold discussions on important topics we need to unpack?
You dont need to be a qualified expert, just share your experience,  These topics are about getting back to basics to empower ourselves.

Homesteading skills

solar power, water harvesting, food growing and preserving, homeschooling and unschooling, natural medicine and healing, composting,  compost toilets, aquaponics, natural cleaning products, bicycle maintenance, re-cycling and up-cycling, sewing, home birthing, distilling, bee keeping, fermenting, old style wholesome cooking, handy hints and hacks

Survival Skills

Food growing and/or preserving, Prepping Tips, Wilderness survival, Life hacks, Urban self sufficiency, Self defense, Ancient crafts, Bush Crafts, Emergency first aid when there is no doctor, Dog training for protection


Traditional Crafts

Basketry, Pottery, Foraging, Knife making, Blacksmithing, Archery, Fire making, Bow and arrow making, Weaving, Cordage, Shelters out of natural materials, Axe handling, Dowsing, Carving, Ground kilns, etc

Off Grid Energy

Solar Power, Wind or Water Turbines, Refrigeration, Woodstove or Sun cookers, Hot boxes, Donkey boilers.

Staying Healthy

Yoga, and other movement classes, Breathwork, Sweat Lodge pourers, Massage, Reiki, etc, food as medicine, medicinal plants, healing modalities, inner work, self development.

Natural Building

Cob building, Sand bag or Earthship ideas, Wood houses, Ecobrick building, Bush shelters, How to build a greenhouse, Off-grid cooling system, Rocket stove, Rainwater collectors. Low cost housing, Tiny homes

Food Growing

Soil rejuvenation, Worm farming, Urban gardens, Vertical gardens, Food forests, Companion planting. Permaculture Design

Community Building

How to make eco-villages sustainable, How to set up co-ops, Inter-community trading, Community networking ideas, One small town idea, Conflict resolution

Sell things at the pop up market.

Bring something to sell to earn Talents to trade with. Think along the lines of healthy, organic, useful, or artistic and crafty and homemade. Second hand clothing is always popular or other used and useful things.

‘Discussion Ideas

  • pros and cons of living off-grid
  • alternatives in a cashless world
  • how do we trade if banks fail?
  • is crypto a viable option?
  • what happens in a long blackout?
  • food challenges
  • cohabiting or going it alone?
  • is it time to deregister?
  • A.I implications?
  • Community living vs. Small town
  • Community challenges after the ‘honeymoon’

Calling Off-grid Suppliers or Service Providers

Any individuals or businesses that sell off grid related services or products, are welcome to use the festival as a place to promote.

All it will cost is the price of your ticket and you can set up your own display and take orders for later (no direct money transactions at the event please – we are practicing how to get off the money grid for this week) but give out your cards and swop phone numbers !

Solar, biofuel, raintanks, courses and workshops, natural medicine therapies, tools, windpower, cookstoves, electric bikes, tiny home builders, waste management, composters, wormfarms, natural cleaning products, community developments, etc, etc.


The idea is to practice being self sufficient on the land, so bring all you need to eat and cook.  Cooking poitjies with friends on the big firepits is the easiest way.  There is no refrigeration or plug points. So plan accordingly. 

No food will be on sale for Rands. Anyone can offer food for Talents if they fancy. Just be mindful of meticulous hygiene practices.

All the details on what to bring to be comfortable, and how to get organised can be found on the links above and below.


Tanith  with her band of chefs, teachers, musicians and entertainers will be providing a fire-cooked pot to feed our working crew and enough for another 70 people each day. Come and learn many homesteading skills from this talented encampment. 

If you don’t have the equipment to self cater, and want to have lunch or dinner here, instead of preparing your own, you need to pre-order and pre-pay directly to the Seed2Fire Kitchen so they can bring supplies and ensure you get your meal.  


Join us for a heartfelt return to
community connection
the old way

One-on-one conversations
can change lives too !


Tickets now on sale

    Have your Talent Exchange number and balance ready.
    Login here to check

    cell.ces.co.za (on mobile)