The Learning Clan Annual gathering is on hold until further notice

Exploring Resilience, Self-sufficiency and Empowerment 

We  live in a temporary community for ten days,
trading without money, while exploring low-impact, off-grid living and self reliance.

We share knowledge and skills, service, healing and passion,
with music-making, dancing, talent-exchange trading and a celebration of life.

Teaching & Learning

Share what you know about living a more empowered life. Bring your curiosity and immerse yourself in a wide range of learning opportunities.

Relaxing & Playing

Chillout and relax, swim in the river, explore the forest,  dance under the stars, cook up a meal with family and friends.

Trading & Earning

We practice trading  without money or banks.
We gift, swop, barter and use the Community Exchange System.

Music & Dancing

 Drumming draws the village together at sunset, for a primal shake down and check in. The live stage offers a platform for performance and each day a dance set is offered in different locations.

Exploring Resillience

 Building community, increasing self-sufficiency, learning the lost arts of self reliance, food growing, preserving, natural medicines, earthskills, etc

Honouring Life

  Conscious living and relating, using the sun for power, minimising and recycling waste, and celebrating the Solstice. A sacred fire is tended throughout the week.