Learning Clan is evolving  

We will now have smaller gatherings throughout the year
with different themes on each Solstice and Equinox

This year’s theme is

Exploring Resillience

Self-sufficiency and Empowerment 

The idea is to co create an experimental MICRO-NATION  for ten days,
and live in community in a number of  self-organising, self-sufficient VILLAGES ,
trading without money as we do, while exploring  community support,  and low-impact, off-grid living.

Each village offers a service to the greater clan  taking on an area of learning under this theme. 
We share knowledge and skills, healing and passion, with music-making, dancing,
money-less trading and a celebration of life.

The new format


A money-free 'nation'

Tickets will go on sale in November to those who have applied to participate or who have joined a participating village.