A Week-long Co-created Village in a Forest

  28th December 2018 – 4th January 2019
Jongenskloof Farm, Riviersonderend, Cape


Sharing knowledge, skills and passion,
Enjoying community, Exploring self-sufficiency,
Healing and Empowering,
Talking about things that matter,
Dancing, Trading and Celebrating life

Teaching & Learning

Share what you know about living a more empowered life. Bring your curiosity and immerse yourself in a wide range of learning opportunities.

Relaxing & Playing

Chillout and relax, swim in the river, explore the forest,  dance under the stars, cook up a meal with family and friends.

Trading & Earning

We practice how to trade with each other without money or banks. We gift, swop, barter and use the Community Exchange System.

Music & Dancing

 Drumming draws the village together at sunset, for a shake down and a check in. The live stage and dj zone fill the evenings with options for dance and entertainment.

Yoga & Healing

 Take the opportunity to give yourself some you time. The Heartspace and the Red Tent are for healing, bodywork, self-exploration sessions and more.

Honouring Life

Conscious living, off the grid, using the sun for power, minimising waste, doing no harm.

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