We take care of community essentials ourselves.

As a co-created village we all offer help where needed. If you see something that needs taking care of, please take care of it, or come to Base Camp and let the crew know.

Everyone is expected to do ONE -2 hour shift over the Clan week, for the daily tasks that need doing. Please visit the Volunteer boards and sign up for a shift.


For those who cannot afford the full price of the ticket, we offer half price tickets for people willing to do FOUR 2-hour shifts over the festival week.

You will need to pay the full price and after festival, you will get half back provided you have completed all the 8 hours.

Contact  rod@learningclan.net  to apply for a HelperTicket

Daily Tasks

1. Gate   – welcoming arrivals and checking tickets

2. River watch – keeping an eye on kids in the water

3. Wood collection – for the shower boiler and fire pits

4. Night patrols – ensuring all is well, fire safety and boiler stoking

5. Recycling – help at the lively waste management depot

6. Shower checks – replacing loo paper, incense, candles, keeping tidy

7. Sweeping paths and dance floor – checking for stumps, doggie do, thorns, signs and bunting checks

Filling ecobricks at the Recycling Station – Reducing landfill !