Volunteering and Helpers


The Learning Clan is a co-created village where we take care of community essentials ourselves.

Everyone pitches in to ensure things run smoothly so we don’t have to bring in strangers to help.  Volunteering our help is something we all do to ensure a better place to live for all. Things like helping newcomers understand the Talent Exchange, keeping the village pretty and the workshop venues tidy, sweeping the acorns from the dance floor, watching out for possible intruders or odd behavior, keeping an eye on the children, being ready to help if someone gets injured, remove anything dangerous in the walkways… that kind of thing.

If you see something that needs taking care of, please take care of it, or come to Base Camp and let the crew know.

And of course, as groovy Clanners, we all know that we…

  • take good care of the forest, leaving no trace of having been there
  • keep noise levels down when people are trying to sleep
  • leave the loos and showers in the best condition
  • take care of your recycling, separate it, bring it to the depot
  • ensure any un-recyclable rubbish, stompies, etc get put in an ecobrick
  • remind dog owners to bury any doggiedoo
  • ensure that our dogs are not being anti-social in any way
  • ensure our children are aware of all of the above


Everyone works towards creating a community. Premium ticket holders pay for the privilege of not doing any time, standard ticket holders are asked to do 2 hours of community service, and Helper ticket holders are to contribute 8 hours over the course of the Festival.

Helpers are to pay the full price of R900 up front and when the hours have been done, then half the ticket price will be refunded at the end of the Festival.


This would mean joining one of these teams for daily shifts:

1. gate duty – welcoming arrivals and checking tickets

2. river watch – keeping an eye on kids in the water

3. night patrols – ensuring all is well, fire safety and boiler stoking

4. wood collection – for the shower boiler and fire pits

5. recycling – help at the lively waste management depot

Email Rod if you would like to apply for a Helper ticket.