Although this is a no-money event, we do need to cover our costs in cash, so the Ticket Price is in Rands. Once within the Gathering, no money changes hands at all. Gifting, sharing, bartering or using the Talent Exchange is where it’s at. The point is to learn how to manage and trade without money – for one week.


Please Note:

  • A pre-requisite for attending the Gathering is membership on the Talent Exchange. If you haven’t yet joined, sign-up is free and easy
    • if you live in Cape Town  (Cape Town Talent Exchange)
    • for anywhere else in the world  (Community Exchange System)
      You will then be sent a TE number which you will need when buying your ticket
  • This is not a public event, it’s a private gathering but open to all who who are willing to participate,  use the Talent Exchange, and have a conscious camping mindset. Tickets will be limited.
  • The price is the same whether you come for 9 days or 1 day. This is to encourage full participation in the community experience and avoid day-trippers. To get the most out of the Gathering, we encourage you to be a part of the community for as long as possible.
  • Have your Talent number and talent balance on hand when buying (new members balance = 0)


Ticket Details will be available in August 2018

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults
  • Children 4-16 – Half price
  • Children 3 and under – no charge
  • Helpers – For those who really cannot afford the full price and are willing to offer 10 hours of work during the Festival, we will refund half your ticket after the festival. Send an email to to request to be a Helper   (See the Volunteering and Helpers page under More Info.)

Early Arrivals: If you want to come a day or two before or stay after the official dates of the festival, there is a R50 extra charge per day.


What’s  included in the Ticket Price

  • A shady campsite for 8 nights in a forest setting next to your car or caravan
  • Flush toilets and hot showers
  • Abundant drinking water
  • An opportunity to share knowledge, promote what you do and/or gift or trade your skills, goods and services for Talents that can be used either at the Festival or anytime thereafter
  • An opportunity to learn a wide range of skills and information, engage in riveting discussions, get some healing, make new friends, hang out with like-minded families, explore off-grid living, dance and play barefoot all week
  • A Trading Card, Sales Sheet and Stall Space at the daily Pop-up Market
  • Live music stage, DJ sound rig, and shaded dance floor
  • An open mic to sing the song in your heart, play your instrument, or have a rant
  • Many convenient fire places
  • A Kids Zone with educational and fun activities
  • A Teens Zone with challenging and fun adventures
  • A New Year to remember
  • Hills, forests, and rivers to explore

A few notes about trading in Talents

  • You don’t have to trade in Talents if you don’t want to, but you need to join the Talent Exchange to get into the Festival
  • We ask that nothing is sold for cash please, even half/ half – this is a no-money experiment.
  • You are welcome to gift or swap, but some workshops or activities will be asking for Talents to attend. Food providers and market stalls are also only trading in Talents
  • If you do use your Talent Exchange number to buy things then you must commit to balancing your account by giving back to your community either at the Festival or at home by offering your services or selling something for Talents
  • Ideally, think of a way you can provide a service or have something useful to sell at the Festival so you can earn Talents
  • Honesty is prerequisite for this Gathering. It is seriously uncool to buy things with a number that is not yours. Everything is transparent so it will be evident if anyone is abusing the system
  • You can also start using the Talent Exchange before the Festival begins. You can sell something you own, or offer your skills on the Exchange. There is also a monthly Talent market in Claremont, Cape Town. (Details on the website) Last one this year is on 9th December.
  • Please read the page about Trading in Talents  so there are no misunderstandings,


  • By buying a ticket, you understand and agree that attendance is entirely at your own risk. Landowners and organisers are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be incurred
  • Tickets are sold on the understanding that there are no refunds if you cannot attend. You are welcome to give or sell it to a friend if you inform us, and send us their name and CES number