How we roll

we contribute in some way

Anything from a skill, a passion, a service, your energy, something to sell, food, beverages, crafts, games, entertainment or even just your curiosity to learn and grow.

We encourage the sharing of ‘earth skills’

We call on those who can give talks or workshops natural building, ancient crafts, self sufficiency, off-grid options, permaculture skills, medicinal plants, etc.  A reminder of all the natural materials and medicines given freely by Nature and how to use them.

we share knowledge, techniques and service for inner healing and growth


The Heartspace is for the healing arts, body work, meditations, yoga, talking circles, chanting, breath work, conscious dance, etc.
Anything that empowers us, as individuals, in relationship and in communities.

we find an available venue to share our offering

There are ten venues available for use. We have an Open Space Board for you to add your offering in an available time slot.

we explore how to trade with each other without money or banks

We gift, we share, we swap and we use the well established Community Exchange System also know as the Talent Exchange. A brilliant way of recording your offerings and receipts to and from the community. So you can earn ‘Talents‘ by offering something at the festival and then use them to buy the offerings of others.  We encourage everyone coming to the gathering to be a member of the Exchange. More Info here

we have a pop-up market at the end of each day

The market is a great way to connect with each other and helps to boost a sustainable village economy… anything you want to offer for Talents, (not money)  bring it along. …. clothes, crafts, food, veggies, snacks, tea, music, performance, etc  (think natural, handmade, organic, minimal packaging, up-cycled, etc)

we unplug from eskom and plug into the sun

Going off-grid is a great opportunity to think of creative ways to generate power: how to light up your camp, cook food, keep things fresh, charge your cell phone, etc.

we cook for ourselves, or with friends, or offer meals for trade

The challenge is finding off-grid ways of keeping food fresh, and discovering what you would need to live in the wilderness for a week.  There are no food vendors selling food or drinks for cash.  If you cook up a meal for a bunch of people, you can earn Talents to spend on other things. We bring our own bowl and fork when getting meals from others, minimising waste.

we love music and we love silence

Although we embrace many forms of musical expression, we love the forest sounds too.  We gather for drumming and dancing at the end of each day. The Live stage is available for performances in the early evenings and Dj’s can play in the Dance Zone from 7pm – 10pm weekdays, midnight on the weekend, thereafter unplugged gentle acoustics around the firesides are fine. The days are full and sleep is welcome.  New year’s eve will rock on till dawn.

we honour the earth that nurtures and provides

we embrace the power of the sisterhood and men circles

much healing, nurturing and inspiration emerges from time spent with our gender kin

we aim for no impact and zero waste

We have a resource center for the village. It’s simple, you bring your waste, and transform it to be useful again. From composting, to building with bottles, any waste items have a bright future ahead of them so don’t be shy to bring them along. Share your experiences and learn from the Waste-ED team as they exchange their skills to showcase the value of reuse and waste-to-resource systems.

we swim, play, dance, sing, laugh and relax

The Clan has many wonderful musicians, singers, performers, drummers and dj’s, so there is always something to entertain or get those dancing feet on. Anyone can add to the mix with games or theatre or fire dancing and of course we can just sit back and be.

the daily buzz

No pressure to do anything, enjoy timeout in the forest and the river, hang out at your camp or delve into the many activities offered by the Clan

  • 7am :  usually a yoga or meditation option is offered near the river or in the forest
  • 9am-10am :  recycling happy hour – bring your separated waste to the lively, informative and friendly depot, volunteer for some village chores
  • 10am-4pm :   a wide selection of activities, talks, workshops for young an old, check the boards and take your pick or just relax by the river
  • 4pm-6pm :  pop up market under the trees
  • 5.30pm   high energy drumming and dancing in the circle of dreams
  •  7pm-midnight :  live stage and dance zone available for performances, jams, dj sets, fire dancing
  •  thereafter….  fireside acoustic sessions, storytelling, forest sounds, blissful silence

new year

New year means different things to everyone and there are many preferences for how it should be spent. So there are choices.

Drumming and dancing in the early evening, perhaps a communal meal. The Dance Zone will be rocking from 10pm-till dawn, and the Live Music stage is open for any acoustic entertainers or jams. Quieter options can be arranged further afield and there are many cosy bonfires for those who prefer meaningful conversations or cosy singalongs.

We see the whole week as a celebration of the closing of the year and the beginning of the new, so less emphasis is placed on the actual midnight moment. The evening will evolve organically depending on contributions from inspired Clanners. If you want something to happen – make it happen!

So that’s the lowdown. Check out the Ideas for participating, and get familiar with the Talent Exchange – the more you use it the more useful it becomes as a tool for trading without money.  The idea is to remember how to live on the land, in Community. This is a co-created village, not a laid-on event.