The idea to gather in this way, was sparked at the SA version of Burning Man. We loved the idea of radical self reliance and the co-creation of a town in the desert without the use of money. One night, in the face of a wall of flames, we realised that in these turbulent times, we’d like to be learning stuff more than burning stuff…  like how to be more resilient against a global agenda that is increasingly repressing our freedom to thrive, how to grow food, how to reduce our impact, how to have an economy we can trust, how to work with all the natural materials and medicines freely given by Nature.

We love that we always learn so much, just hanging out with all the great people we know, sharing knowledge and experience, discussing ideas and making music, but do we know how to actually live successfully in community?

Thus Learning Man was born in 2015, and has been a learning curve every step of the way. Such a wealth of wonderful content brought by all who have attended, giving it a life of its own ~ a clan of like-minded people, building community in a forest.  And so we have evolved into…

We welcome all who are looking for more meaning and down-to-earth, face-to-face ways of connecting, searching for truth in a world full of lies, and exploring alternative options to thrive in a natural, sovereign way.


meet the village crew 🙂  and zone facilitators 


Waste-Ed Champion


Waste-Ed, Sound & Rigging


Base Camp & Helpers


Admin & Activity Board


Live Stage Sound Guy


Dance Zone & Lighting


Bonfires & Bandits


Live Acts & Logistics


Talks & Tech


Shits & Giggles


Solar & Power


Setup & Construction


Heartspace & Hugs

Nina and Craig

Teens & Tweens

Tim Jenkin

Talents & Trading


Operations & Stuff


Organising & Stuff

Huge gratitude to all the clanners who have contributed to the incredible range of content, support and energy, making the gathering what it is.

Thank You !

And to all the photographers who have captured such great images for us to use in this website, especially Barbra Cowley, Graham Abbot, Roy Zetisky, Joffrey Hyman and Keshia Lee.

Special thanks to:

  • Robbie and Danni from Jongenskloof Country Retreat  for the much-loved, off-grid farm venue
  • Mathias and Ivan from MLT Power – for the 12 panel solar rig, enabling us to have off-grid vibes
  • Grant and Chantelle from Vortex for the tents and fire equipment hire
  • Roy from Biogreen and Michael for the Biodiesel
  • Tim Jenkin of the Talent Exchange for pioneering the way for communities to operate without money or banks
  • Jan and Flipside for sound, lighting gear and dj zone setup
  • Barbra who puts her heart and soul into creating the Heartspace each year
  • Candice and Matt who ensure we keep conscious about our waste, reusing, recycling, and composting
  • Allen, Mike, Tristan, Paul, Roger, Iris, Simon, Laura and Frido for their ongoing support and invaluable core crew help
  • Dani, Caryn, Nina, Craig and friends for co-ordinating the kids and teens activities
  • And Graham, Gordon and Danni for the use of their big tents

 We look forward to connecting, playing, dancing, chilling, earning & learning with the Clan again 

See you at the Circle of Dreams

Rod and Angie