co-creating a week-long village in a forest, practicing self-sufficiency, sharing knowledge and skills, talking about things that matter, empowering, healing, dancing and celebrating life

at the circle of dreams, on the river without end

thursday 28 december 2017 – friday 5th january 2018


Bring your curiosity and immerse yourself in a wide range of learning opportunities. Share what you know about living a more empowered life.


Chillout and relax in the shade, swim in the river, listen to music, dance under the stars, cook up a meal with family and friends.


Take the opportunity to give yourself some you time. The Heartspace is for healing, bodywork, self-exploration sessions and discussions.


In the village we practice how to trade with each other, without controlled money and the banking system. We gift, swop, barter, and use the Community Exchange System.

Welcome to newcomers

Here’s a summary of how things work
so you feel right at home when you arrive.

Welcome back to the returning clan

We look forward to communing in the forest again
Bring your passion and may the learning continue !

Essential reading 🙂

Trading without money is a
powerful empowerment tool if we use it properly

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